Evolution PPV DE-Evolves

Evolution PPV DE-Evolves


MANY, many WWE fans and Women Wrestlers alike are not too happy about the announcement made on the October 15, 2018 Edition of RAW. An ALL Female Battle Royal was announced for the WWE PPV Evolution.Some are calling it, “lazy booking”, BUT, in my head I can hear what Deadpool said Way better – “Now that’s just lazy writing.”

SO FAR, in this Battle Royal are:

Announced on October 15, 2018 Edition of RAW was:
















And later announced on October 19, 2018 was:


#Madusa AKA Alundra Blayze





WWE Cramming Too Many Female Wrestlers On The Card?

Not only are the fans cheesed off, but, so are the female performers.

There are too many Tweets of disappointment to show from said performers, so, I suggest you look at the ones you are most interested in.The fans are upset because they feel that instead of giving some of these Women the proper (singles) matches they deserve, WWE is just jamming all of them into a ring and taking care of all the Wrestlers at once.

You’d think that with ALL THE TIME WWE had to plan this historic event, they would have had better planning with it. There are MANY Female wrestlers that deserve a singles match but aren’t going to get it because WWE is trying to cram too much in too little a time frame. As always we here at Rumbling Rumors will keep you posted as this story develops.

#WWE #Evolution airs on the WWE Network on October 28, 2018




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Evolution PPV DE-Evolves
Article Name
Evolution PPV DE-Evolves
Evolution PPV DE-Evolves. WWE Is creating a major problem for WWE Evolution. Fans are upset over latest update of WWE Evolution matches

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