Could The SHIELD Be Losing a Member?

Could The SHIELD Be Losing a Member?


On the October 15, 2018 Edition of Monday Night #RAW, loyalties were in question.

Not just with Ziggler, McIntyre and Strowman, but with #TheSHIELD as well. At one point, #DeanAmbrose was in a great mood, and then suddenly, out of nowhere, he changed and seemed to go against the group.Later, the same can be said for McIntyre, Ziggler and Strowman. #BraunStrowman turned on Ziggler and soon after, McIntyre evened the playing field by dropping Strowman.


At one point, towards the end of the match during Monday Night RAW, everyone thought Ambrose and Rollins were going to get into it. The same can be said for Strowman, as he belittled both McIntyre and Ziggler. So, could it be that the two ‘Rebels’ Strowman and Ambrose might team up?

If they do, that could make for a great fatal 3-way for the tag team straps.

(Strowman and Ambrose Vs. Rollins and Reigns Vs. Ziggler and McIntyre)It isn’t too clear on if they are turning Ambrose Heel or turning Strowman Face, but, the fact of the matter is, right now they are both kind of in the grey area. When and how this decision will be made is entirely up to the WWE writers.

Hopefully, there will be some mystery and suspense involved as to their character(s) direction(s).


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Could The SHIELD Be Losing a Member?
Article Name
Could The SHIELD Be Losing a Member?
Could The SHIELD Be Losing a Member? Just how long will Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins last as Trio? Big problems for the shield.

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