Asuka Use To Be The Most Dominant Women In WWE, What Happened?

Asuka Use To Be The Most Dominant Women In WWE, What Happened?

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A year or two ago, or even a few months ago, if you asked how would Asuka do on the main roster of WWE the answer would’ve been amazing. She had an amazing win streak surpassing Goldberg and Rockin’ Robin’s Championship reign. She won the first ever women’s Royal Rumble and went to face #CharlotteFlair at WrestleMania for the women’s championship.

So where did it all go wrong? Right at that moment. The moment where she should’ve shined, she got pushed to the back. Through no fault of her own, it was just poor booking.

Now I was happy when they had her lose the streak. I thought “great! Here’s a chance to make her a ruthless heel and dominate the women’s division”. Only to find on Tuesday night Smackdown Live they have Carmella cash in her MITB contract.

Even then I thought “okay maybe they’re going to tell a story here?”. What I would’ve done, and thought was going to happen, was have Asuka screw Flair out of the championship rematch because of bitterness. Would’ve put both women in a great feud. Well you know that didn’t happen.

Asuka Teaming With Naomi

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So now we fast forward to the present and Asuka is currently teamed up with Naomi. Which is okay…. I guess, but I can’t help but feel they missed something really awesome with turning Asuka. Maybe it’s my likeness towards the bad guys. Maybe it’s my own ego saying my idea is better. Or maybe it’s because that actually could’ve worked.

Now if this leads to Asuka turning on Naomi for some reason, and I this point I’ll take any reason they can think of, then I will not be mad at it. Think of the matches that’ll come out of their rivalry. If you haven’t noticed I’m all about a good feud.

Current Rivalries Lack Excitement

This brings me to another topic I have a problem with WWE. The rivalries are crap. It’s like people are feuding because “you stole my candy bar that one time and that isn’t cool”. Recently they’ve been getting out of that hole. I loved the Samoa Joe and AJ Styles feud, which I don’t think is over. I am freakin’ amazed by what #BeckyLynch and Charlotte Flair are doing (even though that should’ve been done with Asuka :/), but really it seems like that’s it.

I forgot why The Shield and the “Dogs of War” are pinned together. Miz and Bryan just isn’t what I thought it would be. Now Rusev and English are going at it because “your wife’s hot”. Which could be great in the end but knowing WWE it’ll end up on the preshow at a PPV.

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Do I think #Asuka can dominate like she used to, absolutely! She just needs a good feud, As a Heel. I just want to see her be care free and dominate like she has done in the past. It’s hard to see her as a threat now still being a babyface. A heel turn would be great for her and very enjoyable to watch.





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Asuka Use To Be The Most Dominant Women In WWE, What Happened?
Article Name
Asuka Use To Be The Most Dominant Women In WWE, What Happened?
Where Did WWE Go Wrong With Asuka and Could A Heel Turn Help? Asuka use to be the most feared women in WWE, what happened?

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