And The Next Heel Turn Is…

And The Next Heel Turn Is…

For a while now, WWE has been playing it safe with who they turn and when they turn them – either Heel or Babyface.

Recently, there was controversy when WWE turned Dean Ambrose Heel. Many thought it to be in poor taste as on that same night, Roman Reigns announced he had leukemia. The fact is, they have been planning for months to turn Ambrose Heel, but, because of Reigns announcement, someone in #WWE Creative felt they should push it up. Originally, they were going to turn him around the time of Survivor Series.

They also turned Elias Babyface (or so it would seem) when he attacked baron Corbin. Perhaps now, Elias will win more matches?

More to the point, the team of #DanielBryan and AJ Styles has been bouncing back and forth with miscommunications – one after the other. On the October 23 edition of #SmackDownLive, Bryan and Styles went up against the Usos. At one point, Styles went for the Phenomenal Forearm (aimed at Jay Uso) and was barely able to stop himself from hitting Bryan.

Then, as Bryan was holding Jay Uso for Styles, Styles (inadvertently) nailed Bryan with a pele kick.


In an interview after the match, Styles tried to explain the mistake and Bryan pretty much accused Styles of lying and suggested that Styles was after Bryan. So, who is going to turn Heel? I would think that while Champion, Styles would stay face and Bryan would turn, it might make more sense that way as Daniel Bryan’s Wife, Brie is a Heel now as well.Bryan being the Heel, he would challenge Styles for the belt and cause a rivalry between the two.


If #AJStyles were to turn, as Champion, it might make for a better storyline as then he would be Heel, Bryan would be Babyface and then they could have a match for the belt, having Bryan the winner and starting a feud between the two.

One never knows with these things…





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And The Next Heel Turn Is.
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And The Next Heel Turn Is.
And The Next Heel Turn Is. Could AJ Styles be turning heel in 2018? Could Daniel Bryan be turning heel in 2018? Who is turning bad in wwe.

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