Why WWE Should Create Six Man Tag-Teams.

Why WWE Should Create Six Man Tag-Teams.


Right now on today’s #Raw and #Smackdown live rosters there is a surplus of talent and not enough championship gold to go around.

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Also with the title reigns of Brock Lesnar and AJ Styles going more than 300 days that leaves even less gold to go around. Although creating a bunch of championships will take away from the luster of being a champion there is one title that I think the #WWE should create.

I think that WWE could benefit greatly from the creation of six man tag team championships. Both rosters tag team divisions are good and there are more than enough legitimate stables to go around that could have these titles be a hit from the start. Here is a list of current stables that could be put right into storylines for these titles if they were created this Monday on Raw.

Some groups may need to be called up to the main roster.


WWE’s Current Stables

  • The Shield
  • Lucha House Party
  • Sanity
  • British Strong Style (NXT)
  • Undisputed Era (NXT)
  • New Day
  • Strowman, Ziggler, and McIntyre
  • Forgotten Sons (NXT)

That is just a short list of groups and more could be added.

Fresh Feuds With Champions

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If WWE were to move on from Styles as WWE champ he could rejoin with Gallows and Anderson to recreate the club.

With all the groups in the list there is more than enough groups to split up and put on both brands. These titles could also lead to fantasy three-man teams with the surplus of talent on both rosters.

Another reason that this could help is that the main singles titles could be bounced around more for fresh feuds and champions. With the members of the shield and #BraunStrowman competing for this new title it would open up the Universal championship to new faces like #FinnBalor, #KevinOwens, Bobby Lashley, and Elias.

Also both current tag team champions are on the list so both tag divisions could bounce around to teams like the B team, the Usos, the bar, the revival, and the deleters of worlds.

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This title could lead to fresh storylines, new feuds, and has the potential to lead to some amazing matches. Seeing the #NewDay feud with #Sanity on #Smackdown for brand new titles would be fun to watch. These titles would also give the fans more excitement because now three-man groups will not have to leave a member out to compete for the tag team gold.

The only reason that I would say these titles would not work is that Pay Per Views are having a tough time getting all of the titles on every Pay Per View and adding a new title would lead to longer events could lead to a negative reaction by fans.

But I think these titles would be a good addition to both shows and would give the fans something fresh to want to tune in to both shows every week.




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Why WWE Should Create Six Man Tag-Teams.
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Why WWE Should Create Six Man Tag-Teams.
Why WWE Should Create Six Man Tag-Teams. What WWE Should do with all the talented WWE Superstars in 2018. New ideas WWE could use to deal with Roster.

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