Total Divas Season 8 – I Can’t Even

Total Divas Season 8 – I Can’t Even


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Just so our readers know how much I care, I want you to know that I sat thru 43 minutes of the season 8 premiere of ‘Total Divas’.

I have had more fun while doing my taxes.

As I sat there watching it, a thought occurred to me:

We could make a drinking game out of this show…

Everytime a ‘DIVA’ says the word “Like” you take a shot, and then I realized, one could die from alcohol poisoning while playing that game.

I lost count of the amount of times I heard the word, “Like” or the phrase, “You know” and the infamous combination of both, “You know, like…” or “Like, you know…”

Keep in mind, the show is about 5 months behind. That is to say, the first episode of season 8 was the week of WrestleMania 34, which would put it in the beginning of April.

The ratings for the show are down. The season 7 finale had about 665,000 viewers, whereas the season 8 premiere had about 454,000 viewers. A difference of about 210, 000 viewers.

And I think I know why.

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After about 20 minutes into the show, as I sat there considering to gouge my eyes out with my Son’s Braun Strowman action figure, it hit me – THIS ISN’T REAL TIME…

This was MONTHS ago…That’s why no one cares, we already know what happened at WrestleMania 34…We, as viewers want to know what is going on NOW…In REAL TIME.

The troubles that the show has are simple, yet fixable ones:

The biggest peeve I had about it was that it isn’t in real-time.

If they kept it in a timeframe of 5 days or 5 weeks, they could interest viewers.

I KNOW that Nikki and John broke up, this is old news…

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I KNOW that #Paige is the GM of SmackDown…

The show isn’t giving any NEW information; it is just regurgitating old news.

It’s like watching a documentary more than a reality show, I as a viewer want to know how you feel NOW, not how you felt THEN.

If the show was, for example, 2 weeks behind, THEN it would interest me for the simple fact that you, as a viewer, would get how they felt, what they thought in a closer timeframe – it would be more relatable because it would be a more recent event and not almost half a year ago.

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Secondly, CHANGE THE TITLE – they aren’t DIVAS anymore, they are the Women’s division, so, I guess call it ‘Total Women’.

All in all, I don’t plan on watching it again.

Apparently, neither does WWE Super Star #Sheamus

#Sheamus and Rusev watched the show together and they did it on Instagram.

When #Rusev made the suggestion of watching it again, Sheamus declared “No, we’re not watching that sh*t. We’re not watching it anymore – I just sat through the episode!”





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Total Divas Season 8 – I Can’t Even
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Total Divas Season 8 – I Can’t Even
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