The B-Team Loses to The D-Team

The B-Team Loses to The D-Team


Yes, I am sad to say…

Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel lost the RAW Tag Team Championships to #DrewMcIntyre and #DolphZiggler on the September 3, 2018 edition of Monday Night RAW.

So, what does this mean for The B-Team?

Up until their dust up with The Revival, The B-team has been undefeated.

On RAW they were expecting to fight The Revival, but, when McIntyre and Ziggler asked temporary GM, Baron Corbin what it would take for them to fight The B-Team, Corbin implied that if they were unable to compete, then he would have to make, “…Other arrangements…”

McIntyre & Ziggler then incapacitated #TheRevival (in a very violent way.) so they would be the ones fighting The B-team.

Not ready for the challenge, The B-Team lost to what I am now calling The D-Team (Drew & Dolph)

A lot of people are assuming that The Tag Team Championship rematch will take place at HIAC, but, McIntyre and Ziggler are already spoken for that night as they are partnering with Braun Strowman to face #TheSHIELD.

Image result for WWE THE B TEAM GIF

Odds are The B-Team and The D-Team will face off on the Monday Night RAW before HIAC on Monday September 10, 2018

Can The #BTeam regain their Championship status?

What lengths will The D-Team go to retain the titles?

We shall see in the coming weeks…




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The B-Team Loses to The D-Team.
Article Name
The B-Team Loses to The D-Team.
The B-Team Loses to The D-Team. WWE Superstars Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel lost their RAW Tag team titles. Will The B-Team ever regain the Tag Team Titles?

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