Sami Zayn Wants Cyndi Lauper in The WWE HOF (And So Do I).

Sami Zayn Wants Cyndi Lauper in The WWE HOF

(And So Do I)


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Last week, #SamiZayn took to Twitter to post a realization and idea he had:

“I only today realized that @CyndiLauper is not in the @WWE Hall of Fame celebrity wing.

As part of the “rock n’ wrestling connection” with MTV in the 80’s, she was CRUCIAL to WWE crossing over into mainstream. Arguably no celebrity more deserving.


I have to say, he has a MAJOR point.

For those of you not familiar with what he is talking about, let me give a brief explanation:

It mainly started in the VERY early 1980’s.

The whole set up for the very first WrestleMania was the major heat between Cyndi Lauper, her manager/boyfriend Dave Wolff, Wendi Richter, ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper, Captain Lou Albano and countless others.

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The pitch was that rock n roll had no place in the world of wrestling.

Lauper & Richter were out to prove different.

At that time there were next to NO female wrestlers aside from Richter and ‘The Fabulous’ Moolah there were only few others.

In fact, there were so few female wrestlers that some of them had to work double duty – they would have their ‘regular’ persona and then have a separate persona while wearing a mask (or excess make up.).

Richter had won the Women’s Championship from Moolah, and then Moolah helped wrestler, Leilani Kai win it back from Richter – But, Richter won it back at the first WrestleMania.

(Richter then lost it again to “The Spider Lady” who was really Moolah in a mask.)

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The fact of the matter is if it weren’t for Cyndi Lauper and her helping out WWE (at the time named WWF) start one of the very first cross wrestling promotions the subsequent success of WWE would never have happened.

Since then, many celebrities have made contributions to the WWF/WWE.

And it is all because of #CyndiLauper and the Rock n’ Wrestling Connection.

So, in closing I say this:

Wrestling fans, it is time to show your ‘True Colors’ and help get her in the celebrity wing of the WWE #HOF – Use the hashtag #InductCyndi and help get her inducted !





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Sami Zayn Wants Cyndi Lauper in The WWE HOF
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Sami Zayn Wants Cyndi Lauper in The WWE HOF
Sami Zayn Wants Cyndi Lauper in The WWE HOF. Why Rock Legend Cyndi Lauper should be in the WWE Hall of Fame. Rock Superstar in WWE Hall of Fame
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