Ric Flair DIDN’T Get Married (Or Did He?)

Ric Flair DIDN’T Get Married

(Or Did He?)

On Wednesday September 12, 2018, “The Nature Boy” #RicFlair and Wendy Barlow didn’t get married.

Everyone, including TMZ is reporting that he did, but, Dave Meltzer disagrees.

(This article is based on it being a commitment ceremony, and explains it as such.)

As being reported by Wrestling Observer Radio, it was a “Commitment Ceremony” and not a marriage.

Right now you’re asking, “Gordon – What’s the difference?”

Well, to be honest, about ten grand…(RIMSHOT)

No, but seriously, there is a difference albeit slight.

You have the Bride, the Groom, the cake, the venue, your friends show up…etc, etc.


It is not recognized by the law as a legal and/or binding marriage.

So, it is a marriage, just not according to the law.

It is a public acknowledgment of commitment.

If in fact it was not a legal and binding ceremony, then it becomes a matter for Ric Flair and Wendy Barlow to go to the justice of the peace (city hall) and filling out paperwork.

Once the paperwork is filled out and filed, they will be legally acknowledged as Husband and Wife.

For the record, once they do get married for real – this will be The Nature Boys’ fourth marriage.

Flair, who just turned 69 in February, has been a big fan of marriage since his first Wife, Leslie Goodman back in 1971.

Regardless, we here at Rumbling Rumors wish Ric and Wendy the best.




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Ric Flair DIDN’T Get Married (Or Did He?)
Article Name
Ric Flair DIDN’T Get Married (Or Did He?)
Ric Flair DIDN’T Get Married (Or Did He?) Did Ric Flair get married recently? WWE Legend and Hall of Famer gets married on September 12 2018?

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