Is Luke Harper Getting Bumped to NXT?

Is Luke Harper Getting Bumped to NXT?


The Bludgeon Brothers were on a winning streak that no one could compete with.

Not to mention that WWE creative had BIG plans for them and their Tag Team Championship.

They had a progressive storyline with The New Day leading up to #SummerSlam (August 19, 2018) and they lost by DQ, but, kept the belts.

Unbeknownst to the WWE Universe, #ErickRowan, one half of the #BludgeonBrothers, had torn his bicep and the following Smackdown, they were forced to give their belts up to The #NewDay so that way Rowan could begin rehabbing his injury.

Where did that leave #LukeHarper?

The former member of the Wyatt family seemed to have no place to go.

He had been competing as a tag team partner for so long, there wasn’t any real room to push him as a single, mainly due to the fact that once Rowan returns, #WWE creative will most likely pick up where they left off.

Luke Harper Returned to NXT

Well, this past week, Harper returned to NXT to face off with Ricochet for the NXT #NorthAmericanChampionship. #Ricochet defeated Luke Harper and retained the title.

Since Rowan is out of the picture, Harper seems to be doing time at NXT, but, he isn’t the only tag team’er without a partner to be there.

The team of Fandango and Tyler Breeze were a tag team until, Fandango suffered an injury.

Back in early July, Fandango suffered a labrum tear, which is a tear inside of the shoulder/rotator cuff. This injury insured that he would not return for at least 6 months.

(You can read that article HERE)

With that being said, Breeze went back to NXT in late July and was/is doing a part time stint at #NXT.

So, is NXT going to be the place where WWE sends the uninjured halves of tag teams?

It could be.

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Is Luke Harper Getting Bumped to NXT?
Is Luke Harper Getting Bumped to NXT? WWE Superstar Luke Harper could be staying at NXT? Luke Harper makes a return to NXT.

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