Is Becky Lynch The NEW Stone Cold?

Is Becky Lynch The NEW Stone Cold?

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A whole lot of people are commenting on the sudden change in Becky Lynch’s attitude.

Many people are saying she is a HEEL…

Many people are saying she is a BABYFACE…

But, is she really either?

Bully Ray (AKA #BubbaRay) commented about Becky being a “Super-Babyface”

(Which you can read about HERE)

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Bully was on the Busted Open podcast the day after SummerSlam (August 20, 2018) and commented on the Becky/Charlotte fight:

“What I saw last night was I saw Becky acting like Stone Cold Steve Austin and getting the crowd reaction like a Daniel Bryan. If that continues [then] wow. This quote unquote heel turn is not going to go the way they want to. The more Becky does these things, the more people are going to love her. I don’t think Becky can do any wrong right now. Let’s say the powers that be are like ‘holy crap, we didn’t expect that to happen. We thought everybody was gonna boo last night.’ What are they gonna have her do tonight? Is she gonna come out and crap all over the audience?”


Stone Cold Comments On Lynch

He wasn’t the only person to compare Becky to Stone Cold. Many fans reacted the same way.

Some people say she is not a Heel or a Babyface, but somewhere in-between, like Stone Cold is/was.

Finally, the word got back to #StoneCold himself, and while on his Podcast, he had this to say:

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“…Charlotte I like as a heel. Becky I like either way. But, man, when she knocked the hell out of Charlotte, that crowd came unglued when they turned her heel, but it was the biggest babyface reaction of the night. People came unglued, so where does she go?”

Does Stone Cold think Becky should be Babyface or a Heel?

“I just think let her be whatever the people want her to be. To me, for her, she doesn’t need to be a heel or a baby – she just needs to be Becky Lynch.”

Stone Cold finished by saying,

“…Becky ought to just be Becky because there’s money in Becky being Becky. Let the people decide. As long as she’s being true to herself, she’s going to fly as high and as far as they want her to.”


What I think About Becky Lynch

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This is pretty much what we here at Rumbling Rumors talked about in our Under Used Wrestlers series, (Which you can read HERE)

She was ranked at #3, but, she is who she is and will continue to be a money maker.

No matter what she does, she WILL draw a crowd, much like Austin did during his tenure at WWE.

Austin was a bit of both Heel and Babyface, and no matter what he did, the crowd ate it up….

That is where Becky is right now. #CharlotteFlair should be the Heel and #BeckyLynch should be the Babyface, but, that dynamic doesn’t work for anyone right now.

Once the audience establishes who they want for what role, it would probably be best for both performers to play themselves in-between.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in our comment section.


Gordon Rupe


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Is Becky Lynch The NEW Stone Cold?
Article Name
Is Becky Lynch The NEW Stone Cold?
Is Becky Lynch The NEW Stone Cold? WWE Superstar Becky Lynch is getting compared to Stone Steve Austin and those comparisons could be right.

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