Is Asuka Turning HEEL? (UPDATE)

Is Asuka Turning HEEL?


A few weeks ago, we here at Rumbling Rumors wrote about the possibility that Asuka would be turning Heel.

You can read that article HERE.

Many had first speculated that she quit because no one had seen her on TV. But, in fact she had been wrestling in dark matches due to an overcrowded roster.

The word on the street is and was that #WWE Creative has plans to re-tool some of the roster, switching it up…Babyfaces turning Heel, etc.

Well, that was the plan for #Asuka, to turn Heel and change up her character.


They decided to make it so #BeckyLynch went full Heel, as she apparently had been wanting to do for a while now. So, now that Lynch is Heel, they decided to leave well enough alone with Asuka.

The problem is, the turning Becky Heel thing kind of backfired in their faces.

Bully Ray has gone so far as to call Becky Lynch a “Super-Babyface” and Stone Cold Steve Austin has said, “I just think let her be whatever the people want her to be. To me, for her, she doesn’t need to be a heel or a baby – she just needs to be Becky Lynch.”

You can read #BullyRay’s comments HERE.

You can read #StoneCold’s Statements HERE.

Now it seems that Becky is whatever the fans make her out to be. To some a Heel, to some a Babyface.

So, is that going to end up being their end game with Asuka? Instead of being a Babyface or a Heel, she can be both?

If there is another wrestler aside from Lynch who can walk the line, it is my girl Asuka,

As always, we here at Rumbling Rumors will keep you updated as the story progresses.


If you have heard of any interesting or new rumors that you’d like to add, feel free to post them in the comments section below.

Please remember they are rumors and not confirmed, so please take them as such.


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Is Asuka Turning HEEL? (UPDATE)
Article Name
Is Asuka Turning HEEL? (UPDATE)
WWE Superstar Asuka may not be turning heel like once reported. Asuka heel turn may have been put on hold and we explain what happened.

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