How WWE Advertising Ruins Their Storylines

How WWE Advertising Ruins Their Storylines


On August 9, 2018 – Just 10 days before SummerSlam, WWE had sent some ‘Promotional Material’ to The American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas and the official story is a whopper !

In early August, an image that was supposedly, NOT sent by the WWE was posted to the American Bank Center Facebook page – It was an image of ‘Rowdy’ Ronda Rousey with the Championship belt hanging over her shoulder.

The promotion was for a Saturday September 15, 2018.

The image has since been deleted, but, we have it –

Ronda - So Called Photoshop

Supposed ‘Fake’ Ronda Rousey Photo

Now this is where things get funky…

Ronda DID WIN the belt, and all of this happened BEFORE she even had the match.

More To The Story?

WWE’s official story is wonky…

The ad in question was a photoshopped image that was taken from an (unknown/unnamed) Instagram account and then posted by the (Unknown/Unnamed) Administrator who runs the official American Bank Center Facebook page to promote the September WWE event.

Low and behold, the image and the story disappeared and #RondaRousey went on to defeat Alexa Bliss at #SummerSlam 10 days later.

Image result for wwe hell in a cell gif

Now, here we have another issue – September 15 is BEFORE Hell in a Cell…So, that in and of itself is a telltale that she would keep her belt until then (at least) and she HAS.
So, WWE can deny all they want, but, how is it that some random photoshopper would be able to predict that Rousey would keep her belt until then?

Unless, WWE sent the wrong photo(s) and decided to let someone else take the fall for it?

Super Showdown Down

A similar situation is brewing down under.

In case you didn’t see the September 3, 2018 edition of RAW, a brief recap – Shawn ‘HBK’ Michaels made an appearance to talk up Triple H and the Undertaker appeared to have a little chat with HBK.

Image result for hbk gif

HBK stated over & over how he wasn’t and wouldn’t come out of retirement and how it was all out of respect for the Undertaker. The Undertaker egged him on, and it was left at a cliffhanger of if HBK would return to the ring.


For the ads that are being posted in Melbourne, Australia – #HBK is being listed as the Special Guest Referee for the Undertaker Vs. Triple H match.
Is this another person who went photoshop crazy?

Now, I will state for the record, I have yet to see any adverts for HBK as special referee.

I will say that if you go thru the @WWEAustralia Twitter account, you will find out some things that have not been advertised here in America…

For example, the whole SHIELD Vs. Strowman, Ziggler & McIntyre were advertised before the match even took place on September 3, 2018 edition of RAW…

So, could this be true?

If it is true, in the future, can their ads affect the odds of who will win and who will lose?

They are all predetermined, but, sending out adverts weeks in advance could give those who are super fans a super let down.



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How WWE Advertising Ruins Their Storylines.
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How WWE Advertising Ruins Their Storylines.
How WWE Advertising Ruins Their Storylines. WWE Marketing is ruining future storylines. WWE needs to fix their advertising policy.

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