HBK and The Undertaker Saved RAW For Me Last Night

HBK and The Undertaker saved RAW For Me Last Night

If you haven’t watched this weeks Monday Night RAW, I urge you to watch it for one reason. To see Shawn Michaels back in the ring.

Michaels was my favorite wrestler growing up. In the halcyon days of the early 90’s, #HBK entranced me. His music gave me goosebumps, and I sincerely thought he could rule the world with his charm and sass. Even during the DX days, my adoration couldn’t be deterred.

Of course, time stops for no one. Michaels eventually retired, and I found some new wrestlers to obsess over. As the years went on I found a new favorite in #FinnBalor, but HBK was still my number one.

So when WWE announced that Michaels would be on RAW this week, they had all of my attention. For a few months, RAW had been less than stellar in my opinion, and wasn’t living up to its hype. Hopefully this would change my mind.


When Michaels’s music came on, I got those same goosebumps I had as a child. It was like the Magic was alive in me again, and I would buy any storyline they were selling. He seemed a little rusty on the mic at first, but he quickly got over it. He was selling me on HHH being one of the best wrestlers, and for a moment I believed that maybe HHH could take down The Undertaker. That maybe those halcyon days were still there.

And then that all too familiar gong rang through the arena—and through my TV. For the first time in a while, WWE actually stunned me.

I absolutely didn’t see #Undertaker coming into the ring, but here we are.

The promo got considerably better, and both Taker and HBK have rooted chemistry that will pull any viewer in. Taker noted that Michaels was making this personal, and he wouldn’t hesitate to put them both away again.


I would love to see Michaels come back to in ring action, but I understand if that never happens again. I don’t know if he’s in wrestling shape, as it has been several years since he’s performed.

Yes, he obviously still works out, but that doesn’t mean he’s ring ready.



Either way, this promo brought the magic back to RAW.

I felt like a kid again, and it made me crave for more. Here’s hoping WWE cultivates this promo and doesn’t oversell it—a hard task for them, but I have hope.




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HBK and The Undertaker saved RAW For Me Last Night
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HBK and The Undertaker saved RAW For Me Last Night
HBK and The Undertaker saved RAW For Me Last Night. Undertaker returns to raw to confront HBK. HBK returns to Raw to talk about Triple H vs Undertaker

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