Goodnight Gossip: Paiges New Look, Rollins Get Scraped Up and More!

Goodnight Gossip: Paiges New Look, Rollins Get Scraped Up and More!



Hi everyone!  The last few days have been crazy busy for everyone, and I’m here as always to share with you the delights of wrestling social media you probably missed!

I’d like to make a note here: I will not be sharing or promoting the distribution of private photos and videos of professional wrestlers.  I hate to say that I’m above such things, but screw it. I’m above that nonsense and so is Rumbling Rumors. If someone decides leaking personal material that isn’t theirs is how they’re going to change the world, they don’t deserve your attention, and they won’t get mine.

hipster pumpkinSadly I am here to report that seeing photos of Heath Slater’s kids is exactly as interesting as seeing your neighbor’s vacation slideshow.  

Do people even have slideshows outside of PowerPoint presentations? Good riddance to historically annoying rubbish, that’s my take on it. I could rant about obsolete technology for hours, but you’re here for gossip and hot takes!  I’d best deliver on today’s Goodnight Gossip!




Tama Tonga

The Instagram I’m constantly rewarded for following is #TamaTonga, @badboy_tamatonga of Bullet Club and Firing Squad.






 The man loves to play his followers like fiddles! Most days are full of his particular brand of swagger, whether he’s in the ring, eating wagyu beef with the boss, or sharing a surprisingly intimate morning video.  He’s the week’s Instagram MVP, joining Mike Rome and Allie from Impact Wrestling. Keep on getting us all hot and bothered over your bad boy ways, Tama!


Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins’ instagram is almost always filled with Crossfit videos and positive reinforcement for his Black x Brave wrestling school, but sometimes we get some gruesome and intimate details.

 This past week, we’ve been treated to a detailed photo of what happens when the Arm of Rollins meets the Window of Paddy Wagon, but we also got to see his cat.


Now, this cat is seriously cute, and I know I say that about everyone’s pets, but this time I really mean it!  Look at that widdle face!!!

Renee Young

Today we were treated to the news that #ReneeYoung would be joining Monday Night RAW’s commentary team for good, and to celebrate, let’s get into her insta stories!  Working on a fan (cleaning maybe?) with a vaulted ceiling is a nightmare, and in the Nevada heat, it’s got to be even stranger when heat rises.






My heart is with her in the pursuit of height!  Her new fireplace tiles showed up and they’re southwestern chic! Bully the dog was unimpressed. But we were ALL impressed by Renee’s simple and elegant recipe for scallops!



#Paige has a slick new haircut and I am GAGGING!  She’s so cute, and the layered bob with razored edges and a sharp modern silhouette suits her very well!  

Her dog was present too, and I can’t just let something that adorable go unhighlighted!


Nia,Cathy & Nikki Bella

Fashion Week came and went, and we got some GREAT shots of our faves in some hot outfits.  

#NiaJax, #CathyKelley, #NikkiBella were at the top of my list!




Short takes!  

#BeckyLynch and #Sheamus’ workout swag is beyond measure!


#KarlAnderson’s larval human shows it’s darling face!


#MariaKannelis’ bed head makes me so jealous!


#MartyScurll’s dog is so sweet, all spotty and lovey!



Tongues out with #BraunStrowman on bike day!


#AlexaBliss feels the same way about spiders that I do!


#JamesEllsworth and #Hornswoggle hanging out is #goals.


Charlotte’s facetime screencaps with #RicFlair while he was getting his roots done is the best!



#ZelenaVega’s cat has the scrunchiest little face and the cutest eyes!


#WillOsprey loves off-time with his sweetie.


I’ll see you next time for more #GoodnightGossip!

Lauren Goodnight thinks you’re all numpties.
Twitter @lulugoodnight and Insta @iamlaurengoodnight

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Goodnight Gossip: Paiges New Look, Rollins Get Scrapped Up and More!
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Goodnight Gossip: Paiges New Look, Rollins Get Scrapped Up and More!
Goodnight Gossip: Paiges New Look, Rollins Get Scrapped Up and More!. WWE Superstars over the weekend. NJPW Superstars over the weekend and more.

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