Finn Balor Push Please!?

Finn Balor Push Please!?

Hear me out, but Finn Balor should have a title push.

Hey I’m Lauren and I’m unapologetically a die-hard Finn Balor fan. I’ve been into him for a while, and he frankly got me back into wrestling. I went to my first live event just so I could see him wrestle in person. It’s a real problem.

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After his unfortunate injury after the 2016 SummerSlam where he won the #UniversalChampionship (which then went MIA for roughly 84 years), #FinnBalor has been put on a proverbial back burner one he came back, while WWE tries in earnest to push the Roman Reigns/Brock Lesnar champ onto us.




Why He Deserves A Push

Balor (or Prince Devitt, depending where you come from) is a solid performer tho. He takes risks, he sells everything going on in the ring, and when we get to see The Demon? He’s electrifying. When they paired him back with #LukeGallows and #KarlAnderson I was overjoyed to see The Bullet Club reunited—plus they all play each other well.

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But we can’t have nice things on Monday Night RAW, and creative let that fizzle. So now Balor is back to just himself, and whenever we think we may see him get a title push…creative kills our hope and pushes literally everyone else instead.

All I’m saying is, WWE, give him a real shot. Stop having the announcers remind us he was a former champ week after week, and make him a proper title holder. Especially given the current popularity of The #BulletClub, it would be great to see their former leader holding a title in the top promotion in the world (plus, AJ Styles has a title, so you would have two former members as champs).

Capitalize on this moment and stop dangling it over our heads.



Twitter: @baltimorelauren

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Finn Balor Push Please!?
Article Name
Finn Balor Push Please!?
Finn Balor Push Please!? Why WWE Superstar Finn Balor deserves a major push in 2018. Balor Club wants Finn Balor to get a title shot!

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