Aaron “The Joker” Chalmers Issues A Challenge to CM Punk

Aaron “The Joker” Chalmers Issues A Challenge to CM Punk


MMA fighter Aaron “The Joker” Chalmers has not only issued a challenge to CM Punk, but, to a few other men on the Bellator roster.

On Monday September 10, 2018, Chalmers took to Twitter to issue an open challenge to #CMPunk, simply saying:

“Let’s Dance CM Punk – Anywhere you want.”

Aaron “The Joker” Chalmers Issues A Challenge to CM Punk


Punk has yet to acknowledge the challenge, much less respond to it.


Chalmers took to Twitter yet again on September 11, 2018 and upped the challenge, not just to punk, but, to Mike “The Truth” Jackson and Kevin “Baby Slice” Ferguson Jr. AKA

Stating: “All 3 can get this work anywhere in the world”


Aaron “The Joker” Chalmers Issues A Challenge to CM Punk


Chalmers might be feeling a little cocky as he is the only one out of the four with a perfect record thus far.

Chalmers is 4-0, Ferguson is 3-1, Jackson is 1-1 and Punk is 0-2

Chalmers first came onto the scene in May of 2017, which makes him somewhat of a rookie as the other three gentlemen have been around for a bit longer. For example, Mike “The Truth” Jackson was an amateur in 2009 and made the big leagues in February of 2016.

By challenging all three, one of them is bound to take the bait.

The way I see it, Jackson is the one most likely to take on this challenge, no matter where or when, sanctioned or not…He is the one with the major ego, so, I see him taking the bait first.

If not, then I can see Ferguson at least thinking about it and I see Punk passing altogether.

I should note that in regards to Punk and Jackson, they were both taken down at the hands of Mickey Gall, Jackson and Gall fought at UFC Fight Night 82, where Gall won by submission; Gall and Punk fought at UFC 203, where Gall won by submission – both matches, Gall won by using the same submission hold, a hold called the Rear-Naked Choke.

As always, we here at Rumbling Rumors will keep you posted on this story as it develops.


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Aaron “The Joker” Chalmers Stats:


Kevin “Baby Slice” Ferguson, Jr. Stats:


Mike “The Truth” Jackson Stats:


Phil “CM Punk” Brooks Stats:


Aaron “The Joker” Chalmers Issues A Challenge to CM Punk.
Article Name
Aaron “The Joker” Chalmers Issues A Challenge to CM Punk.
Aaron “The Joker” Chalmers Issues A Challenge to CM Punk. MMA Fighter Aaron Chambers challenges former WWE Champion CM Punk to a match.
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