WWE Announces Renee Young To Make RAW Commentary Debut On Monday.

WWE Announces Renee Young To Make RAW Commentary Debut On Monday.

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WWE has just announced that #ReneeYoung will be a guest commentator for an upcoming Monday Night #RAW.

She will be on Final Raw before #Summerslam which will be located in Greensboro, NC.

Young will be on all three hours of Raw with Michael Cole, #CoreyGraves and #JonathanCoachman.

Renee Young will also be on commentary for the upcoming #MaeYoungClassic along with #BethPhoenix and #MichaelCole.

Here is the announcement WWE made regarding Young on Raw:


Renee Young to step in on Raw announce team as guest commentator Monday night

Renee Young will be stepping in for Jonathan Coachman on the Raw announce team as a guest commentator this Monday night, ESPN.com reports. Coachman, meanwhile, will be fulfilling another obligation.

Young will work alongside Michael Cole and Corey Graves for all three hours of the broadcast, making this the first time a woman has called an entire episode of Raw.

Don’t miss Renee Young’s historic Raw announce team debut live this Monday at 8/7 C on USA Network.


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By. Ramsey Sidawi
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