What is the Future for Paul Heyman?

What is the Future for Paul Heyman?


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This past Monday Night Raw was an interesting one for the advocate of the reigning, defending, undisputed Universal Heavyweight Champion, BROOOOOCK LESNAAAAAR! Paul Heyman was the highlight of a solid episode as he was tasked with trying his best to make Lesnar cooperate during the show.

As we all know, that didn’t go so well for Paul, and may have in fact started a downward spiral in the relationship between the Beast and Heyman. So if the two break up after SummerSlam, what could be next for #PaulHeyman?

It’s often that around SummerSlam we find ourselves focusing more on the exciting matches that will take place at the biggest party of the summer over anything else. This SummerSlam on paper however is shaping up to potentially be one of the weakest of all time; mainly made up of matches we’ve all already seen before!

But this SummerSlam season, the highlight for me is the anticipation to see what happens between Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar. Heyman was undoubtedly the star of Raw this past week, and has finally put some intrigue into this Universal Championship storyline. There are a couple different ways I see this playing out after August 19th:



Summerslam and Roman Reigns

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The first scenario I would like to see happen is Heyman costs Lesnar the title at SummerSlam, which leads to Roman Reigns becoming a “Paul Heyman Guy”. If this scenario takes place, then I don’t want to see Braun Strowman cash-in his Money in the Bank briefcase right away.

Paul Heyman would do wonders for Reigns, and if WWE wanted to, they could turn the Big Dog heel once and for all.

At first, Heyman could try and put Roman over, but when that ultimately doesn’t work, then Heyman starts promoting Reigns as the next #BrockLesnar. This would be an awesome way to have Heyman appear on WWE TV more frequently, and also hopefully make Reigns more appealing to the smarky fans.

It’s clear Lesnar is going to be done with the company after August, so Heyman needs a new guy to back. Who better than THE guy?!


Summerslam and Braun Strowman

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The second, and I believe far less likely scenario would be to have Strowman cash-in his contract at SummerSlam leading to Heyman pairing himself with the Monster Among Men. Maybe not pairing him directly with Strowman, but have a funny storyline of Heyman trying to convince Braun to become a “Paul Heyman Guy”.


The reason why I think this scenario is far less likely is because of how ‘over’ #BraunStrowman already is. Heyman is a hype man, and a damn great one at that! As much as I would love to see him try to pair with Strowman, I think it would be much more helpful for him to be paired with someone who needs a push.

Braun Strowman tshirtWhether Paul Heyman gets paired with Reigns, Strowman, a returning superstar (CM Punk comeback confirmed) or even a debuting NXT Superstar, I pray that Heyman remains a mainstay on the WWE roster.

His “ladies and gentlemen” sends shockwaves of excitement down my spine every time I hear it because I know a badass promo is about to be cut.

I’m not really scared for how Heyman is going to be booked in the future. He used to be a booker himself back with ECW, so he knows the good from the bad. Honestly regardless of who he’s paired up with, he’s going to entertain us every time he steps into an arena. He’s a wizard on the mic, and will continue to prove it.




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What is the Future for Paul Heyman?
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What is the Future for Paul Heyman?
What is the Future for Paul Heyman? Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar may be over, what is next for Paul Heyman in WWE in 2018.

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