What Do All of These Promotions Have in Common?

What Do All of These Promotions Have in Common?


Image result for WWE WOMEN GIFThe Women’s divisions are getting the short end of the stick.

Not one of these promotions – WWE #RAW, Smackdown, NXT, #WWEUK, Impact or Ring of Honor – Have a Women’s Tag Team division.

The #WWE has a laundry list of titles that they have yet to make available to Women.

RAW/Smackdown/NXT Tag Team Championship(s), WWE Cruiserweight Championship, WWE intercontinental Championship, NXT North American Championship and the WWE United States Championship.


Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling are pretty much in the same boat.

Impact’s Impact X Division Championship is a man only Championship thus far and as far as Ring of Honor goes, the ROH World Television Championship and ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship are male only Championships.


There Are Only Three Solutions To These Problems

1) Increase the female roster without debate or excuses.

2) Lessen the amount of Championships so that they are more female inclusive.

3) If number 2 is not an option, then step up and have equal Championships for all Men and all Women.

Image result for WWE EVOLUTION GIF

Watching these promotions use token gestures and listening to their hollow statements is getting old.  

Instead of an all-female PPV to pacify the female demographic, how about to start showing some consistency?

In a recent interview with Sky Sports, Triple H has already stated that Evolution might be a one shot PPV.


When asked if it will be an annual event he answered, “It’s a question to be answered down the road.”

What does that even mean? The timing is off, there is no doubt about that.

Evolution is sandwiched in-between the Super Show-Down in Melbourne, Australia in early October,

Another event in Saudi Arabia (No Women allowed.), #NXTTakeOver: WarGames II, on November 17, 2018 and the next day, Survivor Series.

The history of an all Women PPV needs to be a standalone event with NOTHING distracting from it.

ALL of the female roster will be there from RAW, Smackdown, NXT and some hall of famers.

Image result for WWE EVOLUTION GIF

Apparently in my last article about #Evolution (Which you can read here)

that wasn’t made as clear as I hoped it would be.

Evolution itself is not a mistake, the planning and timing of it is.





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What Do All of These Promotions Have in Common?
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What Do All of These Promotions Have in Common?
What Do All of These Promotions Have in Common? WWE, IMPACT Wrestling, ROH Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling Women Divison.

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