What About Dana Brooke, WWE?

What About Dana Brooke, WWE?

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Dana Brooke, in all honesty, is one of my favorite WWE Superstars. She obviously has in ring talent, she’s good on a mic, and she has a personality. Anytime she comes out to wrestle I feel like I’m watching something rare and wonderful–all thanks to WWE underusing what I think is one of their most underrated talents.

Since joining NXT in 2013, Brooke’s WWE career has felt a little underwhelming.

She had some steam going against #Bayley in her few NXT matches, and when she was called up to the main roster it looked like her and Becky Lynch could have had real chemistry going against each other.

Her stint with #CharlotteFlair was actually pretty interesting too…but then it felt like WWE all but forgot about her. For the life of me I can’t understand why.

She has actual in ring talent. I enjoy watching her with #TitusWorldwide, but now creative seems to be at a loss with her.

Potential Storyline WWE Could Run With
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At this past Friday’s WWE Live event in Salisbury, Maryland, I was overjoyed that she came out to the ring to help Ember Moon against #AlexaBliss. The match turned into a four-way women’s tag match, and Brooke was phenomenal in said match.

By helping Moon, #DanaBrooke has aligned herself against Bliss. Creative could run with this potential storyline and have the two pair off for some matches on RAW, giving Brooke some much deserved (and needed) air time to get her back in the spotlight, and in the fans eyes.

The crowd’s reaction to Brooke in the ring was great. It’s clear that fans want to see her in the ring, and in all honesty Brooke herself wants back in too.

Why WWE keeps her limited to what seems like house shows is beyond me, since she seems to click with the audience.


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Creative could evolve her character into a dominate babyface, which could give Titus Worldwide a leg up on other WWE fractions. But for now, I’m thrilled to see her wrestle in-house shows. Here’s hoping they give her a storyline before the all women’s PPV this October.




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What About Dana Brooke, WWE?
Article Name
What About Dana Brooke, WWE?
What About Dana Brooke, WWE? Dana Brooke deserves her chance in WWE but will WWE ever realize what they have in this superstar?

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