Top 5 Hell in a Cell Matches!

Top 5 Hell in a Cell Matches


  1. Roman Reigns Vs. Rusev – Hell in a Cell 2016

We start off with this match. Now, remember in 2016, Reigns was the new #UnitedStatesChampion and Rusev was just getting warmed up…

The storyline was as follows: Rusev had cost reigns a shot at the Universal Title, and at that time, Rusev was the United States Champion. Long story short – #Rusev was forced to face Reigns for the strap, Reigns won and Rusev invoked his rematch clause.

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This match struck me as odd because it looked like Reigns was the newcomer and Rusev was the old pro. The only really cool thing Reigns did was at one point Rusev throws him out of the ring and #RomanReigns lands on his feet like it was nothing.

Rusev getting slammed into the stairs repeatedly, while Reigns was no selling every slam into the actual cage. A few spears from Reigns later and Reigns beat Rusev.


Top 5 Hell in a Cell Matches
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Top 5 Hell in a Cell Matches
Top 5 Hell in a Cell Matches Up till 2018! Check out the Top 5 WWE Hell in Cell Matches ever! Undertaker Hell in a Cell. Hell in a Cell Roman Reigns

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