The Jason Sensation/WWE Shooting Situation

The Jason Sensation/WWE Shooting Situation


On Monday August 27, 2018, former WWE performer and impersonator/comedian Jason Sensation took to Twitter to issue a threat to #WWE and their fans –

“I got my gun through security & will shoot myself in the head & kill myself during tonight’s #RAW in Toronto. Don’t ya dare miss it!!!” Thanks for the memories @WWE.”

— Jason Sensation (@JasonSensationX) August 27, 2018

Sensation, whose real name is Jason Tavares, isn’t known to many; he impersonated Owen Hart in a

1998 parody that #DX did of faction, The Nation/The Nation of Domination.

Other than that his time on WWF/WWE was limited as far as real matches, mostly prank matches, etc.

Last night’s #RAW was held at ScotiaBank Arena in Toronto and Tavares/Sensation is listed as a resident of Toronto.

Many fans tried to alert WWE to the situation, and also tried to alert the actual Toronto PD.

Apparently, none of the audience members were aware of what grave danger they were in.

Tavares/Sensation has been noted to be a victim of depression, so, a statement/threat like this was no big surprise.

After much concern and investigation, the Toronto Police found that… Tavares/Sensation wasn’t even at the arena.

Just a Joke?

It was all a joke on Tavares/Sensation’s part. (And of course Vince Russo is defending him in the media.)

Although it has not been made very clear if he was at home, the police did take him into custody.

Twitter temporarily suspended/deleted his account, but, as of Tuesday the August 28, 2018, it was active. He had this to say:

“I’ve been detained by Police & forced to stay in the Hospital after sending out that awful, thoughtless tweet last night. I honestly wasn’t thinking strait. I am sincerely sorry & apologize to everyone & anyone this affected, especially my loved ones, @WWE & @TorontoPolice.”

   — Jason Sensation (@JasonSensationX) August 28, 2018

Although it may have been meant as a joke or a real threat, this is one of the many and constant reminders that depression and mental illness is a very real and harmful disease, not only to those who have it, but, those around them.

We here at Rumbling Rumors hope that Tavares/Sensation and all of those with depression and mental illness can get the treatment they need and we wish him and all those afflicted the best.


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The Jason Sensation/WWE Shooting Situation
Article Name
The Jason Sensation/WWE Shooting Situation
The Jason Sensation/WWE Shooting Situation In Toronoto canada August 27th 2018. Police respond to Jason Sensation Shooting Tweet.

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