Randy Orton is a Heel-Face

Randy Orton is a Heel-Face


Yes, it sounds like something a child would call another child on a playground, but, in Orton’s case, I believe this to be true, and here is why…

Orton came back from having knee surgery and he went straight to work – on #JeffHardy.

The, he recently cut one of the most epic promos in WWE history…

(Which you can read here)

And now, according to several wrestling sites, Orton pushed to become a Heel upon his return.


Have you ever noticed that when he turns Heel, he is never 100% Heel?

Same thing with when he turns Babyface, he is never 100% Face.

Eat Sleep Rusev Day Repeat

#RandyOrton is always somewhere in the middle; ergo, Heel-Face.

Yes, he may be insulting the crowd or whatever strikes him at the time, but, in the same breath, he’ll do something of a Babyface nature (Like jumping in the ring to defend someone, etc.).

Same thing when he is a Babyface, he’ll do something only a Heel might.

Randy Orton does what Randy Orton wants to do and doesn’t stick to the blueprints or guidelines of what a ‘Heel’ is defined as, same thing for ‘Babyface’.

So, when Randy Orton ‘turns’ he is simply turning more one thing than the other.

Right now, he is a Heel-Face, but on the next turn, he could be a Baby-Heel.




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Randy Orton is a Heel-Face
Article Name
Randy Orton is a Heel-Face
Randy Orton is a Heel-Face. Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy feud leaves us a little puzzle on where Randy Orton stands as a character. A good guy or a bad guy?

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