Randy Orton: EXPOSED

Randy Orton: EXPOSED

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Reddit is a wonderful thing, just not for Randy Orton.

The Apex Predator might be living up to that name – predator.

Early on in in August of 2018 (Starting around August 10), Reddit user, CarterVoorhes31, re-posted a simple podcast from 2012 (You can read HERE).

It was from MLW (Major League Wrestling) and it was from an episode called, “Episode 49: Ribbing & Junk,” featuring Court Bauer.

Bauer was the man behind the promotion known as MLW, but after it tanked, MLW mainly became a place for podcasting about said sport. Bauer has been known to not only write but also produce.

court bauer

During the podcast, Bauer alleges that Randy Orton, had somewhat of a ritual when meeting new writers.

The Viper would show the new writer his ‘trouser snake’.

(I couldn’t help it; the joke was RIGHT THERE!)

As Bauer says:

“For every new writer that would show up, he [Orton] comes in the room puts his hand down his pants, pulls out his d*ck, touches himself, then says ‘I’m Randy Orton, shake my hand…oh you don’t want to shake my hand? You’re big leaguing me? That’s f**ked up man. Should I tell Vince and Steph you won’t shake Randy Orton’s hand?,’”

Bauer, who worked as a writer for WWE from 2005 to 2007, also claims that when Orton tried that on him (in 2005), Stephanie McMahon walked into the room and the demeanor in the room changed quickly. Bauer also claims that it was not just a one-time incident, as he stated that it happened (to others) during his tenure as a writer for WWE

When asked about if the incident really happened, Bauer took to Twitter to simply say “Yes.”


— Court Bauer (@courtbauer) August 10, 2018

Another Former WWE Writer Comments

kevin eck

#KevinEck, yet another former WWE writer who worked for the company from 2011 to 2014, also made a comment about the supposed ritual in question, in his column for The Sporting News, Eck simply said this:

“On a side note, I don’t have any comment on the recent stories about Orton’s backstage behavior other than to say that I always avoided shaking hands with him during my time on the WWE creative team.” (You can read his column HERE)

So with that statement, he confirmed, but didn’t confirm.



WWE Releases Statement and The Plot Thickens

NOW – up until that point, WWE had released a statement via e-mail, it was short & sweet:

“WWE is looking into the matter.”


The plot does thicken my friends, on August 14, 2018, another announcement in the story was made.

That announcement was that FOX News was officially picking up the story.

FOX News gave an explanation/overview of the story and left it at that.


That VERY SAME DAY (August 14), it was reported that WWE executives sold/dumped an impressive amount of stocks.

Many claiming it had to do with the stock ‘boom’, but, isn’t it a bit odd that they sold their stocks the SAME DAY as the FOX News story hit?

WWE Co-President George Barrios sold 158,252 shares and made $13.2 million.

WWE Co-President Michelle Wilson sold 261,181 shares for $22.1 million.

WWE Executive Vice President of Television Production Kevin Dunn sold 305,226 shares for $18 million.

Chief Brand Officer #StephanieMcMahon Levesque sold 17,373 shares for $1,440,569.16.

EAT SLEEP PRO WRESTLING REPEATExecutive Vice President of Talent, Live Events & Creative, Paul Levesque (#TripleH), sold 17,272 shares for $1,432194.24.

President of WWE Studios Michael Luisi sold 16,579 shares for $1,374,730,68.

Corporate Controller Mark Kowal sold 4,913 shares for $407,385.96.

What an interesting coincidence.




What Is Missing From This Story

It can be noted that a ‘Stock Boom’ is when a stock is at a peak, and while it is at its peak, some of the shareholders ‘dump’ their stocks to take advantage of the high rate of gain vs. investment.

It is pretty much the same as eating your food while it is hot. The WWE stock didn’t really hit a peak until (roughly) the 16 or 17 – so, why the early withdraw? Now that we have gotten most of the details out of the way, let me ask you a question. Have you noticed anything MISSING from this article?

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No? Let me tell you what is missing:

There isn’t anyone defending Randy Orton.

Not one performer, writer (Current or former) not one person from the backstage, no one is coming to the defense of Randy Orton.

Doesn’t that make you wonder exactly how true this is?



Turning A Blind Eye?

In the era of the #MeToo movement, frankly, I am wondering how he still is employed.

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#RandyOrton is and was one of the biggest VIP’s at WWE, so, one could argue that there was a cover up; a conspiracy or maybe the higher ups turned a blind eye to it, or one could simply claim ignorance.

This/these incidents allegedly happened as early as 2005 that was 13 years ago, the most recent report was from Eck’s murky statement puts the date as recent as 2014. That was a mere 4 years ago.

I cannot say if these allegations are true or false. I was not there. I can simply collect and report to you the information that is out there in the ether.

There will be more updates as this story continues to unfold.




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