Neville Is Gone From WWE, Demon Has Been Summoned and More!

Neville Is Gone From WWE, Demon Has Been Summoned and More!

Well this certainly has been a rollercoaster fortnight for the graps!  Just in WWE alone, the gossip and opinions have been prime. How could I resist chiming in and sharing some of social media’s best pics from my own insta browsing??  

Join me for a long-overdue, Bella-free round of Goodnight Gossip!


WWE Top Mech Spot

John Cena has been ousted from WWE’s top merch spot, and his successor in printing money is none other than the biggest of dogs, Roman Reigns!!  

How much of that relied on the Shield reunion regaining speed, time will tell: the rumor is that we’ll have a lot more Shield fun before someone (who else is thinking Dean?) turns on his brothers. 

Money talks, and that means so do the Hounds.


Renee Young On Commentary

Renee Young (aka the Shieldmaiden) made her debut commentating on RAW during this fortnight to overwhelmingly positive reception the same night her husband, Shield brother Dean Ambrose, returned from a nine-month absence due to injury.  

The ratings were very promising, and the future should hold more of the main roster’s newest babyface announcer! Also? She posted the obligatory “ (graps) or (gay porn)?” locker room photo of Seth and Dean on her Instagram timeline, and it’s just too cute!






Ambrose Is Back!

Speaking of, welcome back, Dean Ambrose!  With a super-thicc new look built in Birmingham, Alabama’s physical rehabilitation facilities, the Lunatic Fringe’s return made the crowd explode when he joined Seth Rollins in his successful quest to regain the Intercontinental Title.  

Short shorn hair and a close cut, even beard accent his extensive shoulder work, and while his waist remains slender, he’s….done a LOT of squats. As Rollins has settled into his strongest look since his ‘blonds have more fun’ run and Reigns hasn’t aged a day in 10 years, Ambrose’s new “Call Me Daddy” look could become his most iconic.  Oh and by the way?

He was strong and physically dominant in his debut singles match this week. No ring rust on those bright shiny new traps!


Neville Officially Done With WWE

Neville done with WWENeville has been released from the WWE not 10 full days after Triple H admitted in a media call that he couldn’t remember what Neville’s current situation was.  FREEDOM! I hope to see the Man Gravity Forgot turn into the Man Fans Never Forgot! No matter where he goes I know he’ll make a perfect 450 Splash.

Matt Hardy Working Backstage



#MattHardy’s pelvis is allegedly fusing and he’s allegedly been getting to know the inner workings of creative production. Allegedly.  I can’t even imagine what kind of fun Matt could have with the talent on all levels of development, but I’ll certainly try in my spare time.  

If I don’t see Mower of Lawns beat #CurtHawkins, disappointment will fill my life.


Becky Lynch Turning Heel

The soul of Smackdown Live, #BeckyLynch, turned heel this week when she broke her on-screen friendship with the new SDL champ, Charlotte Flair, and the crowd rejoiced.  

Where they boo Elias for insulting their city and #AlexaBliss for insulting their potential, they cheered her when she pointed out the WWE Universe didn’t exactly have her back.  

Her heel turn was not unlike Sami Zayn’s, but it sure did seem more effective in elevating her, whereas his was once again tied to real-life soul mate Kevin Owens, the more charismatic of the two.  Becky is shaping up to be the most loveable baddie on telly!

Finn Balor and The Demon


#FinnBalor surprised everyone at SummerSlam by summoning the Demon King of the Fomori, Balor, to fight Baron Corbin in one of the shortest grudge matches I’ve ever seen.  The paint was insane, highlighting a gaping maw filled with teeth on Finn’s back and face paint that brought to mind Carnage from Spider-man.

Image result for finn balor gifThe next night, he finally got his rematch for the Universal Championship against #RomanReigns and didn’t use the Demon gimmick.  It was a baffling decision until you think back to how they’ve portrayed Finn: his feuds have been random, he’s an overwhelmingly positive man, and he’s not afraid of anything.



He’ll bounce from midcard to main event, he’ll rumble, he’ll Bullet Club it up, he’ll fight for LGBT representation and raise awareness about mental health issues…and he’ll use the Demon when and how he wants, not when we as audience members think he should.  

In my mind, it makes some of the strange booking seem less schizophrenic and more ‘I founded the greatest indy stable of the new era, everybody knows it, and I do what I want so that big smile is a reflection of the fun I’m having trouncing people for a living’.

I can’t fault that, it feels new and he has never looked weak outside of his Kane match. Let’s go, Balor! (clap clap clap clap clap)!
Oooh y’all, I was trawling google and Goodnight Gossip articles showed up in pinterest boards before even RumblingRumors!  It’s the best, really, unless it’s just data aggregation, then it’s less fun. See you next time!
#LaurenGoodnight thinks you’re all numpties.

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Neville Is Gone From WWE, Demon Has Been Summoned and More!
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Neville Is Gone From WWE, Demon Has Been Summoned and More!
Neville Is Gone From WWE, Demon Has Been Summoned and More! Finn Balor is back in his demon persona, Dean Ambrose is back and on Goodnight Gossip.

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