Is This ‘SHIELD’ Reunion 10 Months Too Late?

Is This ‘SHIELD’ Reunion 10 Months Too Late?


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At one time, #TheShield was the hottest faction in all of WWE, laying waste to anyone who opposed them. We all know the story of their break up at this point, when Seth Rollins, the man who brought the trio together, turned his back on his brothers in 2014.

They went their separate ways until October of last year when they were slated to once again compete as the Shield at the TLC pay-per-view.

Due to unfortunate circumstances, Roman Reigns was unable to participate in the event and the Shield reunion was cut short leaving fans wanting to know what would have happened if this reunion had actually taken place.

Well folks, we may be getting that answer now, as the Shield seems to be back together. But is a Shield reunion in August of 2018 ten months too late?


Monster Among Us

In case you missed it, after a Universal Championship match this past Monday night on Raw between Roman Reigns and Finn Bálor, Mr. Money in the Bank, Braun Strowman made his way down to the ring with intentions of cashing in on the weakened champ.

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The Monster Among Men handed the briefcase to the referee, but before the bell could ring, the crowd rose to its feet as the old Shield music played and Rollins and Ambrose came down to the ring to save the Big Dog.

The Shield proceeded to decimate #BraunStrowman, ultimately sending him through the announce table with their famous triple powerbomb. Since the bell did not ring however, this did not actually count as Strowman cashing in (thank God!!!).

It was a cool and highly unexpected moment and it got a pretty serious pop from the fans in attendance as well as myself sitting at home in my underwear.


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Despite the excitement in the moment, I don’t think reuniting the Shield is a good thing to do at this time. With Reigns just being crowned Universal Champion, I really wanted to see the Big Dog dominate and defend the title by himself.

By having Roman need help 24 hours into his reign, it makes him feel like too much of a beatable champion.

Another reason I don’t like this move is that I think this will probably delay an #DeanAmbrose heel turn, potentially never happening at all. I was really hoping that they would build off of what Ambrose and #SethRollins had going with Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre, but instead we are now just going to probably be left with the same 6-man tag matches week after week.


Why WWE Brought Back The Shield

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The biggest reason I would think #WWE creative chose to go this route of bringing the Shield back is to try to get #RomanReigns over with the crowd as Universal Champion. He only ever gets cheered when he’s a part of the tag team, so it makes sense for WWE to want to try and bring back that same popularity for Roman than he once had. But it doesn’t take a dummy to know that it won’t work.

I think the biggest problem with the Shield reunion is that it’s a cheap, recyclable pop that WWE continues to use. Yes, I understand that fans absolutely adore it, myself included! “So why are you complaining about it Patrick?” Because I’m a wrestling fan, that’s what I do!

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I just would love to see something new and fresh, that’s what so many of my articles talk about. Of course having the Shield back together is going to be fun to watch, my argument is that the perfect time for it has already passed.

Maybe it was a one off thing, and Ambrose and Rollins are going to tell Reigns that he has to be able to protect himself. But it doesn’t matter what I think, the Shield is back, and the Raw roster better be on notice! The Hounds of Justice have arrived!




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Is This ‘SHIELD’ Reunion 10 Months Too Late?
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Is This ‘SHIELD’ Reunion 10 Months Too Late?
Is This ‘SHIELD’ Reunion 10 Months Too Late? Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins reform the shield august 2018 on WWE RAW.

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