Is This a New and Improved Dean Ambrose?


Is This a New and Improved Dean Ambrose?

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In case you missed it, the Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose made his highly anticipated return back from injury this past Monday Night on Raw.

He was not announced for a match at #SummerSlam this Sunday, but instead will be in Seth Rollins’ corner for his Intercontinental Championship match against Dolph Ziggler.

Ambrose debuted a new look upon his return which begs the question, is this a new and improved Dean Ambrose?

It’s already sort of meme in the wrestling community that Dean’s appearance very much resembles that of #TripleH. I think Ambrose looks like an absolute badass with the new haircut, and seemingly bigger physique. Whatever he was up to in his time off, he was clearly hard at work and looks better than he ever has.

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His look also gives off a much darker vibe. Obviously we don’t know quite yet how WWE plans on booking Dean, but it’s clear that the happy-go-lucky lunatic fringe of old was starting to run thin before he went down with his injury. Ambrose has been a tweener for a very long time and has, in my opinion, needed a bit of a character change.


Dean Ambrose Turning Heel?

Dean Ambrose Return 2018



I wrote an article a few weeks back that tried to book Ambrose’s return to WWE. I think how his actual return played out was ok, but I would have liked to see it happen at the biggest party of the summer with more of an “outta nowhere” feel. In the article I wrote, my main focus was on how I felt Ambrose needed to return as a heel in a feud against #SethRollins.

Based on Ambrose’s look and feel, I think this is exactly what’s going to happen.

Ambrose has returned with a new intensity. I don’t think WWE will waste any time in turning Ambrose into the fierce heel I know he can pull off! Even when Dean was a part of the Shield, he never felt like an angry and powerful bad guy.

But something about that buzz cut just screams villain!

Waiting For That Special Dirty Deeds

I think Rollins will pick up the win this Sunday and reclaim his Intercontinental Championship, only for Ambrose to turn on his friend with one of the most impactful ‘Dirty Deeds’ we’ll ever see.

They could book his reasoning behind this all about how Ambrose felt like Rollins didn’t have his back when he got injured.

For some reason when I think of how this feud can play out, I think of the intensity John Cena and Randy Orton’s old rivalry had. Orton was this lunatic who wanted to hurt Cena, the fan favourite who always found a way to overcome the odds.

Ambrose and Rollins have the potential to put on an incredibly heartfelt rivalry with captivating backstory.



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If WWE goes the route of not turning Ambrose heel at SummerSlam, I hope that they do make Ambrose into more of a badass than a silly lunatic. I do always love Dean’s comedic moments, but I really think he needs to embrace a darker side of the character. I’m excited to see how things play out this Sunday, and regardless of what happens, I am very happy #DeanAmbrose is back.

He’s one of the best on the current WWE roster and should immediately make an impact!


By: Patrick Gallagher

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Is This a New and Improved Dean Ambrose?
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Is This a New and Improved Dean Ambrose?
Is This a New and Improved Dean Ambrose? Dean Ambrose made his return and are we seeing a brand new Dean Ambrose? Ambrose Character Change?

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