Is Asuka Turning HEEL?

Is Asuka Turning HEEL?


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Yes, that is the word on the street.

My girl, Asuka is set to return with a vengeance. As the story is going now, Asuka, since moving up from #NXT as an undefeated Champion (510 days) set the bar very high for the other Women on the roster.

Being as such, they had to knock her down a few pegs to be on par with the other ladies. Her streak, was forced to an end to keep her appearance ‘normal’ as it were. When moving up the ranks, she was signed to the RAW brand, and made her presence known at the TLC and Survivor Series PPV’s winning those matches respectively.

That was all in 2017/early 2018

In April of 2018, she was drafted to Smackdown and downhill is where it went from there.

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Challenging #Charlotte for the Smackdown Women’s Championship, Asuka would suffer her first real loss. 

Since then, Asuka seemed to be on another kind of streak: a losing one.



Asuka and Her Past Dominance

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With #Asuka no longer the top dog on Smackdown mainly due to Charlotte (I can’t lose because of who my Daddy is) Flair dominating the Women’s division.

And to add the cherry on top, the whole #Carmella and #Ellsworth feud REALLY knocked her down as far as her popularity with the WWE fans.

WWE has noted that her absence has mainly been because of a “Crowded Roster” but, if you were to ask me, they are keeping her hidden until fans forget the whole Ellsworth thing.

(In regards to a Crowded Roster, you can read my article on it HERE)

So, flash forward to now.

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WWE Creative Revamping The Roster

#WWE is revamping some of the performers on their roster, Heels turning Babyface, Babyface turning Heel – dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!

Asuka has even posted a picture to her twitter account that has her sitting on a chair with what can only be described as ‘Joker War Paint’


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With Asuka returning as a Heel, they have many potential storylines to get her back in the god graces of the fans.

BUT, since it IS WWE, they’ll probably do something not very creative and make her come back and just go after everyone on the roster, men included…. Who knows?

In closing I simply ask: What have you done to my Asuka?





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Is Asuka Turning HEEL?
Article Name
Is Asuka Turning HEEL?
Is Asuka Turning HEEL? WWE Asuka could be turning heel upon return. Clues point of a future Asuka Heel Turn but when will it happen?

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