How to Push Big E Without Breaking Up The New Day

How to Push Big E Without Breaking Up The New Day

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As of late, things have been fairly interesting for us New Day fans.

In the past few months, rumors have been flying around about Big E getting a singles push, while there was no news on any plans for Kofi Kingston or Xavier Woods.

Well, as of SummerSlam (August 19, 2018), The New Day took on the #BludgeonBrothers for the Tag Team Titles. It ended up with a DQ; the New Day won, the Bludgeon Brothers kept their belts and Big E got hurt via the Bludgeon Brothers sledgehammer.

Two nights later on Smackdown, a no DQ rematch was set, but alas, #BigE could not compete (due to a rib injury) in the rematch between the Bludgeon Brothers and #TheNewDay, so, Kofi & Xavier were on their own with Big E in their corner.

After SummerSlam

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The New Day won the belts, but it was mainly because of a snafu during the match at #SummerSlam.

During the SummerSlam match, somehow, Erick Rowan got seriously injured, tearing his right bicep.

The injury was so serious that Erick Rowan and Luke Harper AKA the Bludgeon Brothers were forced to drop the titles to the New Day in their rematch on the following Smackdown.

WWE had announced that if it weren’t for Rowan’s injury, they did have bigger plans in mind for the Bludgeon Brothers.

But the universe has spoken!

The fans can now have their way !

The New day can stay together and still give Big E a singles push.

Keeping The Band Together

Since WWE had been talking about a singles push for Big E in the first place, now they can do that while Kofi and Xavier have the Tag Team Championships.

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This way it can up their popularity and widen the range of what storylines they can use for all three characters.

As for what WWE’s plans for the Bludgeon Brothers were, we may never know.

Rowan’s torn bicep injury, be it a partial tear or a full tear, isn’t clear.

A partial tear could only be about 2 months, while a full tear could be up to 6 months.

If and when they will use their rematch clause is unknown due to Rowan’s injury status.

More updates on his injury as they become available.





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How to Push Big E Without Breaking Up The New Day
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How to Push Big E Without Breaking Up The New Day
How to Push Big E Without Breaking Up The New Day. WWE Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods are champions but what about Big E?

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