Has the ‘B-Team’ Started Their Descent To Irrelevance?

Has the ‘B-Team’ Started Their Descent to Irrelevance?


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A few weeks ago I wrote about my excitement surrounding the ‘B-Team’ and how they were on their way to championship gold! Their road to the #ExtremeRules pay-per-view was a fascinating one to be a part of, and we all got to celebrate together when they captured the tag team titles. But as fun as this journey has been so far, is it already getting stale?

Let’s just get out-of-the-way the fact that the B-Team’s new theme song is absolutely atrocious.

What in the sweet mother Mary was CFO$ thinking when they created this pile of nonsense, especially after how lit “Battlescars” was. The thing I’ve found about WWE a lot as of late is that they seem to always be trying to fix things that aren’t broken, and this is a prime example of that.

Their new song should be more like “B-Team, B-Team, NO NO NO!!!”

The Monday Night Raw recap article done by www.cagesideseats.com for this past week made the perfect comparison for the B-Team, linking them to the Spirit Squad. I understand that Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas are supposed to be comedic characters and I definitely appreciate a good laugh!

However there’s a line between making a tag team funny and making a tag team pathetic, and with the B-Team, it feels like we are inching closer and closer to pathetic.




B-Team Headed To SummerSlam

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I’m not really sure what the course of action is regarding the Raw Tag Team Championships at SummerSlam.

They seem to be trying to feud Axel and Dallas against Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder of The Revival, but Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt continue to interfere in such dastardly ways. My guess would be that a triple-threat tag team match is in the works but at this point who knows?!

I’m very happy the #BTeam are tag champs, don’t misunderstand what I’m trying to say.

It’s exciting to see WWE give these seasoned vets the credit and opportunity they’ve worked a long time for. But I would love to see Axel and Dallas become a more formidable tag team, and less of a mockery like Heath Slater and Rhyno have become. I really don’t want to see a Spirit Squad 2.0.

Axel and Dallas As Long-Term Raw Tag-Team Champions

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I would not be surprised if #TheRevival captures the gold at the biggest party of the summer, and I think that would absolutely be the right move, based on how they’ve been trying to boost their status with the WWE Universe.

I don’t think Axel and Dallas would make for awesome long-term champs, and I think the amount of time that they’ve had it has been perfect.

We have all gotten our celebratory moment with the duo, but it does feel like their gimmick is running stale, especially if creative is going to attempt to turn them into some sort of cheerleading team.

If #SummerSlam does spell the end of their reign, then let us never forget the majesty that was the peak B-Team. May “Battle Scars” be the anthem of our youth, and hopefully not let this new song ruin our lives.





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Has the ‘B-Team’ Started Their Descent to Irrelevance?
Article Name
Has the ‘B-Team’ Started Their Descent to Irrelevance?
Has the ‘B-Team’ Started Their Descent to Irrelevance? B-Team as Raw Tag-Team Champions. B-Team headed to SummerSlam 2018

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