Don’t Call it a Comeback, Suckaaaa.


Don’t Call it a Comeback, Suckaaaa.

Well, the King of the Smackdown world, King Booker AKA #BookerT, made a rare appearance this past Tuesday, blessing the #NewDay with his presence and some words of wisdom…

The King decreed that the new names of the New Day are…

Xavier, The Wise, Kiofi, The Brave and “YOU THERE! Big E”

So, not much of a name change for Big E…Sorry E.

With some protest from Big E about his name change, or should I say lack thereof, Big E accused King Booker of going “Full Saxton” on him. Once King Booker convinced #BigE that he didn’t need an awesome name because he already had one, #KingBooker welcomed them into the…

“Five time, Five time, Five time, Five time…Championship Club”

(I counted, he only said it 4 times…Don’t ask me, I don’t know.)

After, they all partook in the line made famous by Booker himself, “CAN YOU SIG IT…SUCKA?”

Then. As King Booker was ready to leave the ring, the New Day talked him into a Spin-a- rooney and Booker had them all try…and yes, I said try, I said nothing about succeeding.

Is Booker T Retired From In-Ring Competition?

Speaking of Booker T being in the ring…

The master of the Spin-a- rooney himself, Booker T, was recently on an episode of Heated Conversations, where he talked about his career as a singles competitor and as a member of the 10 time WCW tag team Champions, Harlem Heat.

“I never really said I was retired.” Booker stated, he went on to say that Harlem Heat WAS retired, but, as a singles competitor he thinks he has some more to show the world.

“I’m thinking about getting in the ring one more time.” He said, commenting further that, “The world would love to see it…”

Could this be Booker is going to show these rookie suckas how to do it? Well, don’t get your hopes up too much, as Booker also said that if it were going to be a WWE match, he would have to think about it.

Image result for booker t gif

Robert Huffman, better known to us as Booker T, just turned 53 in March, and as of now is known for training such talents as VIP, Ember Moon and Layla El.

If he were to come back, it would be for his Reality of Wrestling promotion, and #WWE would have to wait in line.

While on the Sam Roberts show, Booker was very open about his on screen heat with Corey Graves and how they sold it and the fact that they sold it proved that wrestling was still alive.

Booker said, “What this proves is wrestling is still alive, the angles are still alive, the storylines could still be valid if one played them properly,”

All this proves to us is Booker still has it – in and out of the ring!

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Don’t Call it a Comeback, Suckaaaa.
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Don’t Call it a Comeback, Suckaaaa.
Don’t Call it a Comeback, Suckaaaa. Booker T returns to Smackdown Live August 28th, 2018. King BOOKER Has returns to smackdown live with New Day.

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