Becky Lynch The Super Babyface.

Becky Lynch The Super Babyface

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Super Babyface – That’s what everyone is saying about Becky Lynch since the #SummerSlam 2018 incident.

For those of you NOT in the know, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and Carmella took part in a triple threat match for the Smackdown Women’s Championship.

Becky, who has been on a winning streak has been waiting for this match to get the strap for herself.


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#CharlotteFlair inserted herself into the Championship match up and that is when things got UGLY.

Flair beat Carmella for the Championship belt and it seemed as though things were all good between The Queen and The lass kicker, hugging it out, as Kane might say it, and then suddenly, Becky went from the nice, sweet Becky to the psycho ex-girlfriend in a blink of an eye.

After Becky had her way with Flair, Flair was left behind the announce table, crying.

Things were kind of left at that.


Charlotte Flair Heel Turn and Becky Went Face?

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What was supposed to be a Heel turn for Becky, might actually be a Heel turn for Flair.

In what was supposed to be a situation where Flair looked to be the victim, WWE fans are viewing it as Becky being the victim and Flair as the ‘bully’.

As I have stated in the past, Lynch can NEVER be a Heel, the fans love her too much.

(You can read that article HERE )

WWE HoF’er Bubba Ray Dudley/Bully Ray recently appeared on the Busted Open podcast and commented on the Becky/Charlotte bout:

“What I saw last night was I saw Becky acting like Stone Cold Steve Austin and getting the crowd reaction like a Daniel Bryan. If that continues [then] wow. This quote unquote heel turn is not going to go the way they want to. The more Becky does these things, the more people are going to love her. I don’t think Becky can do any wrong right now. Let’s say the powers that be are like ‘holy crap, we didn’t expect that to happen. We thought everybody was gonna boo last night.’ What are they gonna have her do tonight? Is she gonna come out and crap all over the audience?”


Becky’s Time

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The fact is the crowd is behind Becky and feel that it is her time to shine.

People have seen Flair as the Champ and they got tired of it (I know I did.).

Or is this going to be another instance where WWE creative ignores the cries of the fans and simply do as they will?

I must mention that another writer here at RumblingRumors, Baltimore Lauren, came up with an AWESOME nickname for Becky Lynch – “QueenSlayer

So, if there is a title for #BeckyLynch to have, that is the one.





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Becky Lynch The Super Babyface.
Article Name
Becky Lynch The Super Babyface.
Becky Lynch The Super Babyface. After WWE Summerslam Becky Lynch went into another level of being a babyface. Charlotte Flair however did not.
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