5 Origins of WWE Wrestlers Names


  1. Curtis Axel AKA Joseph Curtis Hennig –

This is classic.

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No one really has noticed the origin of his name, but it is quite simple.

He is the son of the legendary, #MrPerfect, Curt Hennig from the early days of WWF/WWE and his Grandfather was, Larry ‘The Axe’ Hennig, who was a wrestler for American Wrestling Association (AFW), National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) and WWF


He took the Curtis from not only his middle name, but his Father’s first name, and his last name from his Grandfathers nickname, ‘The Axe’ – Curtis Axel

5 Origins of WWE Wrestlers Names
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5 Origins of WWE Wrestlers Names
5 Origins of WWE Wrestlers Names. How did WWE Superstars get their in-ring name. Origins of WWE wrestlers pro-wrestling name.

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