WWE Considering Doing Two WrestleMania’s Per Year?

WWE Considering Doing Two WrestleMania’s Per Year?


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Yes. You read that right. WWE has been highly considering adding a second #WrestleMania, but, it may not be for the reasons that you think.

If you will think back to earlier on in the year, we had not one, but, two major Royal Rumbles.

One here in the US and one overseas.

That would be the venture in the not so distant future.

If in fact WWE does add a second WrestleMania, or WrestleMania Jr., it would be for more of the overseas fans.

Recently, there has been a ton of excitement for all of the action WWE has been producing with their UK division. They have already announced (or at least Triple H has.) Women’s belts and Tag Team belts for the UK division, so, why not add a WrestleMania?

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When Would It Start?

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It most likely wouldn’t start to happen until roughly 2020, but, it could be a huge step for WWE.  

Tons of exposure for their charities, superstars, toys, merchandise, reality TV…

The list goes on and on.

The more the world knows about #WWE, the higher their stock prices go, the more they are able to sell…You get the idea.

This would be just one more brick in the wall that is being built for WWE as a Worldwide business.

#Impact, #ROH, etc, wouldn’t really stand a chance against a Worldwide juggernaut that would be pushing its way thru the UK and many more overseas territories.

After the UK, how long until WWE dominates in places like Asia, Africa, Australia???

If this turns out to be more than a rumor and more of a reality, the future of wrestling only has three letters.








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WWE Considering Doing Two WrestleMania’s Per Year?
Article Name
WWE Considering Doing Two WrestleMania’s Per Year?
WWE Considering Doing Two WrestleMania’s Per Year? Could WWE really be thinking about having two Wrestlemania events per year?
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