WWE Becoming Too Repetitive?


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It’s probably the biggest issue that the WWE Universe has to deal with on a regular basis.

WWE has always had a repetitive nature about it, but it hasn’t seemed as prevalent as it has the past few months or so. With storylines pointlessly dragging on, to repeating the same matches week after week, is this era of WWE starting to become too repetitive to enjoy?


I think my least favourite thing WWE always does is repeat the same 6-person tag matches multiple weeks in a row. They absolutely ruined the #SmackdownLive Women’s Division by having the exact same match every single week. Maybe they could get away with doing this if these matches were all 5-stars, but they weren’t… not even close for the most part.

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Most recently, we’ve had to watch #RomanReigns and #BobbyLashley take on #TheRevival three weeks IN A ROW! I have always made sure to watch both Raw and Smackdown every single week for a long time now, but I have purposefully been skipping Raw as of late.

So much of it is repeating the same thing for 3 long hours.

If all WWE is going to keep doing is repeating the same boring matches then they either need to find better writers, or shorten Raw to 2 hours. I’m on board with keeping Raw 3 hours long but they have to be able to come up with enough content to maintain a reasonably entertaining show of that length.


Create Stories That Matter

WWE Becoming Repetitive

Don’t make a storyline for the sake of making a storyline. Reigns and Lashley, for example, might be a fun match to have on an episode of Raw, but if you have literally zero creative ideas for a pay-per-view build up, then simply don’t start a build up. With Raw being so pointlessly long, it feels like half the show is boring filler that nobody cares about.

I don’t want to sound like a loser smart mark that thinks they could do better than all the current WWE writers. I don’t think I could do better at all. But just like how professional athletes get paid to do well at their sport, I assume WWE has hired these writers to also be able to do well at their job.

This isn’t me complaining about WWE creative not pushing some tweener because we all want them to; this is me complaining about #WWE creative not being creative.

I don’t like writing negative articles like this, but when so much of the recent writing has seemed very lazy, I feel I need to say something about it. The solution to this problem is simply don’t repeat the same boring matches multiple weeks in a row.

Don’t start a story if you have no story.

Being a wrestling fan is so much fun, but when we just slog through these long, boring, repetitive shows, it sometimes feels like more of a waste of time than something to be enjoyed.




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WWE Becoming Too Repetitive?
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WWE Becoming Too Repetitive?
WWE Becoming Too Repetitive? Current state of the WWE product. WWE and the storylines every week. WWE's storylines need to be fixed

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