WTF Is Up With The Beards In WWE?


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Yes, this article is only a little tongue and cheek, but, have you noticed that almost ALL of the men in the WWE have beards?

There are roughly 80 men on the WWE #RAW and Smackdown roster.

Almost 50 of them have beards ! That is over half!

Why? I don’t get it…

Some guys, they look good on, #BraunStrowman, Triple H, Elias, they look good with them, but someone like Seth Rollins or Finn Balor, you just want to hold them down and shave them or at least trim them to the point where they aren’t annoying…

Am I right?

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Next to nobody is rocking a mustache, they are all beards. Am I missing something?

I just want to walk up to #DanielBryan and trim his bread, not shave it, just trim it…It makes my OCD go off the chain. I mean, even the guys who look good with beards, only look good if they are nice and trim…This whole rats nest of a beard thing doesn’t work….


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I just need to know, is there a unwritten law that once you join the WWE you must grow facial hair?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below…






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WTF Is Up With The Beards In WWE?
Article Name
WTF Is Up With The Beards In WWE?
WTF Is Up With The Beards In WWE? Braun Stowman, Finn Balor, Daniel Bryan, Elias, Like Harper Seth Rollins to just name a few!

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