Will The All-Women WWE PPV “EVOLUTION” Deliver?



As great as it may seem at the first sight, I can’t feel but a little worried about the announcement made for the first ever ALL-WOMEN’S PPV, EVOLUTION!! Well, pardon my anxiety, but come on. The event won’t take place until October 28, that’s more than 3 month from now; and that’s a long long time to talk about.
Looking at the current feuds, none of them can last that long. We’re barely waiting for #Carmella’s unlogic title reign to end on SUMMER SLAM, which a couple of weeks ahead.

To make the picture just fuzzier, WWE has 3 PPV’s, beside the MCG in Australia, that’s 4 events before #EVOLUTION. The WWE LIVE SUPERSHOW being on October 21, just one week before it. How could it be of any interest to expose the yet-to-be feuds on 2 weeks on the row. What about injuries?! Exhaustion?! How can it be a defining moment in whichever angel if it’s dealt with on weekly basis?
On the other hand, over the last months how many PPV’s couldn’t deliver what we expected?! How many main events failed were considered over hyped?! So, what makes us expect EVOLUTION to be any different?! Let’s face it guys: everybody knows that WWE is facing a serious problem regarding its creative team.
Every week we wonder about how such a great roster is badly handled. Every day we read articles about the underutilized underrated superstars. Why should we expect it to be any different when the same writers are in charge?
Talent-wise; the girls are awesome. Effort-wise; the girls bust their asses every week in the ring. Stardom-wise, they do deserve much more than #TOTALDIVAS. For all that, they do not deserve to be burned in a wrongly-timed, poorly-created event. I set my case!!
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Article Name
Will The All-Women WWE PPV "EVOLUTION" Deliver?
Will The All-Women WWE PPV "EVOLUTION" Deliver? WWE Evolution is the first all Women PPV and the build for it needs to be done right!
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