Underused WWE Superstars Today: #3 Becky Lynch

Underrated & Underused WWE Superstars Today: #3 Becky Lynch


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The third most underrated/underused wrestlers is the one and only, Becky Lynch…

Rebecca Lynch has been wrestling since 2002, but it took 11 years for WWE to get her signed to the NXT brand. She was signed in 2013 and she then moved up to the main roster in 2015.

Lynch has been a crowd favorite since she started in 2015, she is charismatic, fan friendly and she knows how to operate in the ring.

Before coming to wrestling, and at times during it, Lynch has been and still is an actress, appearing in a handful of plays and appearing in the movie ‘The Marine 6: Close Quarters’ alongside fellow wrestlers Mike ‘The Miz’ Mizanin and Shawn ‘HBK’ Michaels.

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Lynch has also been a …wait for it…Flight attendant and that was for almost 3 years.

Anyways, Lynch AKA Straight Fire, is an excellent wrestler, she has even been #SmackdownWomensChampion, but it just seems that WWE isn’t sure what to do with her.

She has some semi-bland storylines, but, she doesn’t have any that are constant; that is to say, they keep changing who her nemesis is. It seems as if they are floating her in-between the land of Heels and Babyfaces….


Lynch Loves What She Does

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It is not real secret that Lynch has fun with her job and is very light hearted when it comes to making fun of herself. Lynch actually has wrestled as ‘La Luchadora’ a masked female wrestler who has also been played by #AlexaBliss and #MickieJames…So, her sense of humor or how seriously she takes herself is not in question.

What is at the heart of the matter is how the WWE treats her. Regardless of her Championship, which last 85 days, the writers seem to flutter her around and that is confusing to fans.

Lynch has many little girls who adore her and you can see her greet and smile at them as she makes her way to the ring every time. So, why isn’t #WWE using her to their advantage?

What WWE Needs To Do With Becky Lynch

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They need to focus on giving her a solid rival. As of late, it isn’t really clear on who she is and is not friends with. Granted, at the last #MITB, it was an ‘every woman for herself’ angle, so, no one can blame her for that, but even before that, she seemed to be unsure of who she was against.

Once they give her a solid rival, then they might be able to focus on how to market her,

She can NEVER be a Heel, just as Cena can never be a Heel, the fans won’t stand for it, so, they have to use her Babyface status and pit her against someone who is ‘so bad’ that it would upset fans if and when Lynch would lose to her.

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#BeckyLynch seems to be the real deal, a genuine person who truly loves what they do.

That being said, they need to emphasize on that when writing her character and choosing a villain for her.

Give Lynch some consistency and she will make the WWE millions.


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Underused WWE Superstars Today: #3 Becky Lynch
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Underused WWE Superstars Today: #3 Becky Lynch
Underused WWE Superstars Today: #3 Becky Lynch. Becky Lynch is one of the most underrused WWE Women Superstars in 2018 and want to tell you why.

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