Underrated WWE Superstars Today: #2 Elias


Underrated WWE Superstars Today: #2 Elias


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Coming in at number 2 is one of the most underrated wrestlers thus far…

Elias, AKA Elias Samson got his start with WWE in 2014 working for the NXT brand. He was just recently brought up to the main roster in 2017, and we have been walking with him (or at least trying to) since.

It seems that no matter where WWE puts him, he is set to lose whatever match he is in.

All throughout his stay on #NXT, he lost, during his tenure on RAW, he has been losing, and if and when he wins, it is usually due to some sort of cheat.

This just straight up cheeses me off.


How WWE Treats Elias

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#Elias is a great technical wrestler and somehow WWE is treating him like a jobber.

Even when he has a great feud going on, he is still treated that way. Elias always seems to play the Heel, and that is great as he plays one pretty well, BUT, even Heels win matches from time to time.

Elias has a great catch phrase, “Are you ready to Walk With Elias?”

The origin of this is from his NXT days as the Drifter character, according to Elias himself, when interviewed on Edge & Christian’s Pod of Awesomeness, he stated:

“…it just became a question, ‘Who wants to walk with The Drifter? Who wants to go with me on this journey?’”

According to Elias himself, he was told by Vince to drop the drifter act, and the WWE/Walk With Elias line was born. According to Elias, after running it by John Cena, Cena’s mind was blown and it stuck.

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He has a character, he has a catch phrase, but, the writers at WWE don’t seem to be giving him any substance. Elias is a great wrestler to watch and he plays a great Heel. His potential to go far in the #WWE is great, but the opportunities aren’t there for him.

Yes, he has and has had some great rivalries, recently, he had a feud with Seth Rollins, that was great, BUT, it just seemed he was a jobber and we all knew Rollins was going to win.


Please Let Him Win

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If Elias has any say about his character, he should stay as a Heel, BUT he should also WIN A FEW MATCHES !

We all know he has the talent, we all know he has the technical knowhow, what are the writers waiting for? It all reminds me of back in the day when the WWE writers seemed to be dragging their feet when it came to putting Daniel Bryan over, but, once they did, he became a crowd favorite.

If given a chance to have, even just a small run with a strap on his waist, that could do wonders with putting him over even more than he already is with the WWE Universe.

He wouldn’t be merely, ‘The Drifter/Jobber’ he would be Elias the Champion.

If and when Elias pops, he is going to pop BIG, as far as going over with the fans, he could be the Heel version of John Cena – Which would do wonders for his potential future in the WWE.

So, I say this – Are the writers ready to Walk With Elias? I am, are you?


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Underrated WWE Superstars Today: #2 Elias
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Underrated WWE Superstars Today: #2 Elias
Underrated WWE Superstars Today: #2 Elias. WWE Superstar Elias is our #2 pick for most underrated WWE Superstar of 2018/ Find out why here.

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