Underrated WWE Superstars Today: #1 Dana Brooke

Underrated WWE Superstars Today: #1 Dana Brooke


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The wrestler who I think is most underused/underrated is Dana Brooke.

Dana Brooke has been a fierce competitor throughout her WWE career.

Her overall performance is limited by the storylines they give her to work.

#DanaBrooke is brawn, brains & beauty.

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Brooke, whose real name is Ashley Sebera, graduated from Kent state getting her degrees in fashion, merchandising and design, and her minor being in business administration. Brooke is also an accomplished gymnast and a fitness competitor.

During her time as a gymnast, she had sustained several injuries that would stop her from pursuing that career path, she would then move on to bodybuilding and then to bodybuilding competition. She has won the Mr. Olympia Female Image Award and in 2016, she ranked No. 26 of the top 50 female wrestlers according to Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

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Brooke was on the #NXT brand for 2 years from 2013 until 2015 finally came to RAW in 2016, her first RAW match was against #BeckyLynch in which Brooke won.

She has at least 12 signature moves and is quite fast and flexible in the ring.

Although she was initially a Heel, she has been a Babyface as well.

But, I must say, she seems to be more effective as a Heel overall and gets more of a response from the crowd as a Heel.  

I ranked her at number 7 in the 10 Babyfaces Who Should Turn Heel article, which you can read here:

And going with that, let’s get down to it.


WWE Needs To Wake Up

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Dana Brooke is so underused it is ridiculous. A talented performer like her is being held back by her storyline. I am not going to blame Apollo or Titus O’Neil for her woes as far as her character development goes, but, being in Titus Worldwide ISN’T helping at all.

The writers and WWE as a whole need to put her in the ring where she belongs.

Right now would be the perfect moment to break her out of Worldwide and turn her Heel.

In my mind it happens like this:

Brooke gets tired of having to always solve things for #TitusWorldwide, her frustration leads to anger and her anger causes her to leave Worldwide and then become something to the effect of a hunter in the Women’s division.


15 WWE SHOP SALE JULY 26TH 2018Think of her as a cross between #Rusev and #CMPunk – Rusev as far as how vicious she can be and CM Punk as in she comes out, interrupts the match and then shoots down whomever is wrestling at the time; creating heat and building her character.

The only negative thing I will say about Brooke is that she needs to refine her mic skills, she can be the bubbly team player, but, as a Heel, she’d have to be the rebellious slayer.

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Underrated WWE Superstars Today: #1 Dana Brooke
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Underrated WWE Superstars Today: #1 Dana Brooke
Underrated WWE Superstars Today: #1 Dana Brooke. WWE Dana Brooke is the most Underrted Superstar in WWE today. I want to tell you why Dana Brooke is

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