The WWE Women’s Roster Might Be Going “WWE Diva” Soon?


The WWE Women’s Roster Might Be Going “WWE Diva” Soon?


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It’s about time some of the old school WWE Women’s division comeback and show the rookies how it’s done.

Sadly, I am not talking about #Lita or #BethPhoenix

I am talking about Kaitlyn, #MariaKanellis and Kelly Kelly AKA Barbie Blank.

Recently all three have been talking about comebacks and personally, I think this is going to be interesting.

#Kaitlyn, whose real name is Celeste Bonin, HAS been confirmed for the Mae Young Classic, which will be taking place in August. Kaitlyn left the WWE in 2014 and stated that she had no plans on returning to wrestling, but, in 2018 it was announced that she would be making a comeback for Coastal Championship Wrestling (CCW).


Now that she is (temporarily) back and will be in the MYC, it is unclear if this is a one time deal or if she’ll comeback for good.


Kelly Kelly (Barbie Blank) Making a Return?

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Barbie Blank AKA Kelly Kelly has expressed interest to not only return, but, she has a contender in mind…In a recent interview, she told

“I feel like [Charlotte] is such an amazing wrestler. She is amazing all around.” Blank went on, “I think that would be a really exciting and thrilling match. I love her style and I think she’s amazing.”

Blank who left WWE back in 2012, but, she said “I always say never say never.” and that “We have a great relationship – me and WWE so the door is open so you never know.”

Maria Kanellis, who is married to Mike Kanellis, has been very vocal about making a comeback, she has only been out since September of 2017, but is anxious to get back to work.

On her Instagram post, she stated, “A Superstar is when a talent meets WWE TV time. I’ll be down in Florida at the beginning of August fighting for that time.”

Even though Kanellis is a fairly new Mom, she is already back in her Diva-mode and ready to show the girls how it is done.







The WWE Women’s Roster Might Be Going "WWE Diva" Soon?
Article Name
The WWE Women’s Roster Might Be Going "WWE Diva" Soon?
The WWE Women’s Roster Might Be Going "WWE Diva" Soon? Kelly Kelly WWE 2018 Future and more WWE Divas from the past may be coming back.
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