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Sasha banks has been a huge player in the #WWE since she made her first appearance on NXT in 2012, even though she lost her first match, things were looking up for The Boss.

It didn’t take long for banks to come up with ‘The Boss’ character, with help from Summer Rae, they became a Heel tag-team, together they were known as, The Beautiful, Fierce Females (BFFs)

In February of 2014, Banks won the #NXT Women’s Championship from #CharlotteFlair.

She had been Champion for 192 before she had to give up her Championship as she was moving up the roster to Monday Night RAW.

Officially debuting on RAW of July of 2015, she had already established her ‘Boss’ character.


Running Out Of Storylines For Banks

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Since then she has been a consistent player in the pay-per-views and on WWE TV.

But, in recent months, it seems that they are running out of storylines for her. Currently, they are revisiting her feud with #Bayley from their NXT days. Who is the Heel and who is the Babyface is yet to be seen.

Although a talented performer, #SashaBanks seems to be the victim of the same over exposure as many of the WWE superstars that came before her.

This is of no fault of her own, it is just a matter of she became popular, she stayed popular and the WWE creative team (and Vince I am sure.) wanted to cash in on it.

With that being said, this is what puts Banks on this list. There such a thing as too much of a good thing. As the Women’s roster is not as extensive as the Men’s, there seems to be only so many storylines they can use with a talent like Banks. The fact that WWE doesn’t utilize their female roster is a contributing factor, but, also one for another article.

In July of 2016, Banks became the #RAW Women’s Champion, defeating #Paige for the title.



WWE Needs To Ease Their Foot On The Gas

Since then she has become the 4 time RAW Women’s Champion and has had several storylines but most notably, the one with Bayley, which really picked up in November of 2017.

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Since then it has been on again off again tension between the two for miscellaneous reasons. As of now, their feud has come to a boiling point and it seems they are now, ‘Frenemies’.

Now who they plan to make the Heel I don’t know and it is beyond my pay grade, but, this couldn’t really be good in the long run for Banks, she is already a divisive character and now she is going up against Bayley, the sweetheart Hugger of WWE…We will see.

In the meantime, let’s hope that WWE eases their foot on the Sasha Banks pedal, absence makes the heart grow fonder, so, if she took a holiday and weren’t on TV for a bit, we might appreciate her after a while when she comes back.

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