Underrated & Underused WWE Superstars Today: #4 Riott Squad


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Coming in at number 4 is a conglomerate; The Riott Squad-ish

Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan and #LivMorgan are three parts that (almost) make a whole.

Making their debut on a November 2017 episode of Smackdown, they have been a staple on WWE TV ever since.

Respectively, #RubyRiott had been wrestling since 2010, most notably under the name Heidi Lovelace on the indies circuit before being signed to NXT in 2016.

The same can be said for #SarahLogan who was in the indies under the name Crazy Mary Dobson, although she was on the indies since 2011, she’d been making her way to WWE via miscellaneous appearances in 2014/15 and finally getting signed to #NXT in 2016.


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Liv Morgan on the other hand doesn’t have a similar background. She was a competitive cheerleader and was signed to NXT in 2014, she stayed there until being bumped to the main roster in 2017.



Pros and Cons of The Riott Squad


Here are the pros and cons of the #RiottSquad. Riott and Logan are fierce competitors, but, Morgan just doesn’t seem to fit the bill. In other words, if we were talking about weight classes, Riott and Logan would be heavy-weights and Morgan would be a light-weight.

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Riott is an outstanding technical wrestler and has years of experience on the indies circuit, Logan has an incredible stamina and strength and has years of experience on the indies circuit, but, Morgan doesn’t seem to have either and is the odd woman out.

Morgan might fare better as a singles competitor as she is more kitsch as she seems to be a variation of Harley Quinn and doesn’t seem to do well in the ring.

Riott and Logan could be the first women to have a tag team champion status…

(If and when the WWE make a women’s tag team championship.)

But in that scenario, there is no place for Morgan, who seems to be the third wheel.

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Morgan might have something to bring to the table in the future, but, as of right now it seems that Riott and Logan are the ones carrying this threesome to success.

I think that Riott and Logan need a better push, either as a team of two, singles or both. They are two of the most talented of the women’s division and Morgan just seems to be the valet.


Check back next Friday for #3 of this countdown series!

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Underrated & Underused WWE Superstars Today: #4 Riott Squad
Article Name
Underrated & Underused WWE Superstars Today: #4 Riott Squad
Underrated & Underused WWE Superstars Today: #4 Riott Squad. Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan. WWE underused and underrated superstars 2018
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