Is WWE Going In Circles?

Is WWE Going In Circles?

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A supposed-to-be highly awaited PPV, an episode of RAW and another of SMACKDOWN Live, and the result is a big fat zero. Nothing, null, at all! Some will argue that the B Team won the #RAW Tag Team Championship. Really?!
As if it wasn’t crystal clear from the moment the announcing table ridiculously insisted on “the winning streak” and being”defeated” after every match they had on the way to #ExtremeRules!

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I just hope it’s not just another “15 minutes of Fame” and a soon-to-be-ended push to burn experience. Jeff Hardy losing the US Championship to #ShinsukeNakamura in six seconds!!  Would That be the start of a feud between the two guys?!
No, because Randy Orton is back with a grudge against Hardy for no reasonable reason!!  What?! Anything?! Exactly, nothing. #DolphZiggler, one of the best in ring performers in recent history, and despite of remaining IC Champion – deservingly – but guess what?!
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He was presented as if not able to do anything with his Scottish monster!! Asuka lost to #Carmella again!! I can’t believe I’m writing this!! Even Braun Strowman’s beating the hell out of Kevin Owens, haven’t we being seeing that every week since MITB?!
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I’m really frustrated!! It’s becoming so boring and offensive. What does WWE expect from us, the fans?! If all the building is revolving aro
If that’s not the utter meaning of going in circles, then what?! At the same time that Bobby Rudes couldn’t find a spot in a several hours PPV!! Migraine!
I had’t ever thought I would say this one day, but I’m really waiting for #NXT and 205 each week. Period.

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Is WWE Going In Circles?
Article Name
Is WWE Going In Circles?
Is WWE Going In Circles? WWE seems to be repeating the same storlines over and over, do wrestling fans deserve more? Why can't WWE change things up?

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