Is SummerSlam Brock Lesnar’s Final Stop As Universal Champion?

Is SummerSlam Brock Lesnar’s Final Stop As Universal Champion?

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The #WWE Universe has been waiting anxiously for the dethroning of the Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. We all thought it was going to be WrestleMania 34, until Roman Reigns, who we thought was going to be our savior, was squashed under the boot of the Beast!

Then we thought it was going to be the #GreatestRoyalRumble event, until that crooked referee cost us all our happiness. Now with Lesnar confirmed for SummerSlam, will this be the last time we see the Beast as champ?

In case you’re unaware, #BrockLesnar has been the #UniversalChampion for, at the time of writing this article, 473 straights days, one of the longest championship reigns in WWE history! What really rubs WWE fans the wrong way is how inconsistent his appearances on WWE TV have been. There have been times where I have completely forgotten the Universal Championship was even a thing!

SummerSlam 2018

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With the most on and off SummerSlam booking I’ve ever seen, finally we know now that Lesnar will indeed be competing at the biggest party of the summer with his title on the line. Of course, WWE creative has gone the most boring and generic way about setting up this match by obviously having Bobby Lashley and Roman Reigns fight for the right to become the number one contender.

Honestly though, at this point, I’m OK with anyone beating Lesnar.


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I think regardless of who wins the opportunity to face the Beast at #SummerSlam, I think Brock Lesnar will retain his Universal Championship and every wrestling fan around the world will shed one big, collective tear. Until that magical moment where “BRAAAAUUUUUUNNNNNNN” echoes throughout the arena, signaling the final beacon of hope the WWE Universe has for happiness.


I think Braun Strowman cashes in his Money in the Bank briefcase on August 19th and the Monster Among Men puts an end to the dreaded title reign of Brock Lesnar. As many times as I’ve written an article about someone defeating Lesnar and restoring smiles all across the WWE Universe, I feel most confident about this prediction.


Will SummerSlam Be The Last Time We See Brock Lesnar?

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The bigger question is: will SummerSlam be the last time we ever see #BrockLesnar compete in a WWE ring? I think it very well might be! In case you missed it, Lesnar appeared at #UFC 226 after Daniel Cormier became the new Heavyweight Champion. Lesnar stepped into the octagon and set up one of the biggest dream fights in UFC history. With Lesnar’s potential UFC return going to be a title fight, if he wins, you’d have to think he’s going to remain with the UFC for a comeback run over there.

Of course this article is entirely speculation from a wrestling mark! But I think a lot of this makes sense. There’s a lot that could go wrong, and when talking about WWE and it’s creative team, you always have those scary thoughts in the back of your head.

The way I look at WWE nowadays is not ‘what I want is what’s best for business’. Instead, if something happens that I don’t like, I always try to let it play out first before I criticize it.

I’ve let this Lesnar title run play out for a long time now, and it may be one of my least favourite things that’s ever happened in the 12 years I’ve been a wrestling fan! It’s time for Lesnar to drop the title!




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Is SummerSlam Brock Lesnar’s Final Stop As Universal Champion?
Article Name
Is SummerSlam Brock Lesnar’s Final Stop As Universal Champion?
Is SummerSlam Brock Lesnar’s Final Stop As Universal Champion? Will we ever see Brock Lesnar back in a WWE ring after Summerslam?

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