How To Book Dean Ambrose’s Return

How To Book Dean Ambrose’s Return

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When I was looking through my TV guide the other day trying to find something to watch, I came across the WWE Network as I usually do (for just $9.99 a month) and decided to throw it on.

They were showing last year’s #ExtremeRules pay-per-view event in anticipation of this Sunday’s festivities.

The opening match was #DeanAmbrose vs. The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship and it got me thinking: where, when and, more importantly, how is Ambrose going to come back?

In December of last year, Ambrose suffered a torn a triceps injury on an episode of Monday Night Raw that was to render him out of action for nine months. If my math is correct, we’re basically coming up to that point in our calendars and a Dean Ambrose return may be on the horizon.


Ways They Should Bring Dean Ambrose Back

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There are a couple different ways WWE could go about bringing the Lunatic Fringe back.

  The first, and most obvious in my opinion, would be to bring Ambrose back as a heel and feud him against #SethRollins for the Intercontinental Championship.

It would be sweet to see Ambrose return this Sunday at Extreme Rules after a Rollins victory, only to stab his former Shield brother in the back, the same way Rollins turned on him in 2014.

If Rollins isn’t victorious this Sunday against current Intercontinental Champ Dolph Ziggler, I still say you bring Ambrose back as a heel against Rollins. When the two had a storyline in 2014-2015, it was one of the most entertaining feuds to watch on WWE TV at the time. The two have so much history to build off of, I feel like they could properly tell a story against each other for a very long time.

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The second and far less exciting possibility for Ambrose’s return would be to go forward with that Shield reunion they wanted to do before Ambrose got injured. That whole storyline in December was tossed in the trash after Reigns got hurt and Kurt Angle had to fill in for him at the #TLC pay-per-view last winter, and then Ambrose went down with his massive injury.

I think the time for a Shield reunion has long come and gone, but this is WWE creative we’re talking about here, so literally anything is on the table.

I think with the recent rise of other tag teams on Raw such as The B-Team, The Revival, and The Deleters of Worlds, there’s no time or room to squeeze the Shield into the mix, unless you want to bury all these other teams.

I think the most interesting return plot for Dean Ambrose would be to come back as a heel. If they decide to go a different route and have him face off against someone other than Rollins, be my guest, but I still think he should be the bad guy.

He’ll always be seen as a tweener in the eyes of the WWE Universe, but I would like to see Ambrose play more of a darker lunatic role rather than a funny, joking kind of guy.

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How To Book Dean Ambrose’s Return
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How To Book Dean Ambrose’s Return
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