Bobby Roode Injured, Fandango Injured, Jeff Hardy and Updated Injury List.


UPDATED: 7/9/18

#BrayWyatt has been cleared to return to in-ring action.

The rumor of Jeff Hardy’s injuries is still floating around, but, apparently the plan is for him to drop the belt and take some time off to heal.

Ruby Riott will most likely return to action as soon as 2-4 weeks.



#Fandango has sent out a tweet saying:

“Seeya guys in 6-? Months”

No word as of yet as to what the injury is.

#BobbyRoode injured his leg/knee at Madison Square Garden this past Saturday. He was in the ring with Mojo Rawley, performed a leapfrog spot and that is apparently when he’d injured himself.

Roode had to be helped to the back by a referee.

There is no word yet on what that injury may be, but from the sound of it, it isn’t good.

List of WWE Superstars Injured in 2018

Great Gosh Almighty !

Let’s go down the list of names:

Ruby Riott

Jeff hardy (Rumored)

Shinsuke Nakamura

Dean Ambrose

Charlotte Flair

Jason Jordan

Sami Zayn


Randy Orton



#RubyRiott and Bray Wyatt were both injured on the same day, Friday June 29; Riott is having an MRI on her left knee and Wyatt was in a car accident. Both will be out for the foreseeable future.

Jeff Hardy is having nerve problems along with an undisclosed leg injury that happened during a dark match back in May. Although he is not technically on the injured list, his recent matches have been very light and if you watch him, he is constantly grabbing his leg and/or arm/shoulder. There are many rumors about him dropping the US Title and taking time off.

Shinsuke Nakamura, who is supposed to be the foil to #JeffHardy, got bit by a police dog, so odds are that one will return before the other, meaning that the storyline will have to be completely changed.
Shinsuke should be returning before the end of July.

As we all know, Dean Ambrose is still out, recovering from surgery last December and will most likely return in September.

Charlotte Flair is out revering from surgery, although she is still keeping up public appearances. She is rumored to return by the end of August/Early September.

#JasonJordan is rumored to return anywhere from late July to early September. (Not that anyone has noticed he was missing.)

Sami Zayn won’t be returning until 2019 since he just had surgery on both of his rotator cuffs.

(Although he is still active on social media.)

#Epico doesn’t have a return date that I could find, but, he is out on a shoulder injury that he had to have surgery on.

#RandyOrton and Tamina are both set to return in late July/early August – Orton was out for knee surgery and Tamina was out due to a torn rotator cuff.

Those are just the #RAW and #Smackdown superstars. This list DOES NOT include #NXT or NXT UK

As always, we here at Rumbling Rumors wishe everyone the best and a speedy recovery.







Bobby Roode Injured, Fandango Injured, Jeff Hardy and Updated Injury List.
Article Name
Bobby Roode Injured, Fandango Injured, Jeff Hardy and Updated Injury List.
Bobby Roode Injured, Fandango Injured and Updated Injured List. Jason Jordan Update. Ruby Riott Update. Dean Ambrose Update. Randy Orton Update.

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