A Brief History of Pro-Wrestling Belts

A Brief History of Pro-Wrestling Belts

Part One

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This article is a passion project for me.

I find it quite unfair that the belts aren’t all even, and that some of these belts are all the same but, just by a different name.

Some of these belts have a ‘gender-opposite’ equivalent, but, some don’t.

There are ways to correct that, and I will be talking about above points in this article.

These are belts/titles from WWE, HOF and Impact wrestling.

The WWE Universal Championship


The WWE Universal Championship, is a split title from the WWE Championship, and is one of the youngest Championships. It was conceived by Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon back in 2016, due to the RAW/Smackdown shake-up.

The RAW Champion at the time, #DeanAmbrose was moved to Smackdown.

RAW, now without a Champion essentially split the Championship into two. The WWE Championship would stay on Smackdown and the #UniversalChampionship would stay on #RAW.

As of July, 2018, there have only been 4 wrestlers to hold the Universal Championship.

A Brief History of Pro-Wrestling Belts
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A Brief History of Pro-Wrestling Belts
A Brief History of Pro-Wrestling Belts. WWE Championship History, ROH Chamionship History, Impact and TNA Championship history. Pro Wrestling Belts

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