Why The Bayley and Sasha Banks Feud Could Be Something Special.


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At the beginning of 2018, I challenged myself to have a positive outlook on every single thing in the WWE, and try my best to find joy in everything. I thought if it works with #RomanReigns, it’s got to work with everything, right?


The Raw women’s division has been the bane of my existence as a wrestling fan, and it’s mainly because of the copy and paste awful booking we’ve had to deal with over the past few months.

This article is not about the #RiottSquad, so I won’t get into that, but long story short, they either need to change something up, or just leave because as soon as they pop-up on the screen, I hit that fast forward button faster than you can scream “Why is Liv Morgan’s tongue always blue?

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Bayley and #SashaBanks, once best friends now bitter rivals, have been on this long and winded downward spiral since the beginning of this year. They’re friends and then Banks hates Bayley for some reason; then they’re friends again and then Bayley hates Banks for some reason.

This has been going on for so long that I convinced myself that a feud between the two was never actually going to happen, and that WWE creative was simply jerking all of our collective chains!

That was until this past week on Monday Night Raw when Bayley absolutely exploded on Sasha Banks, tossing her ‘nice girl next door’ gimmick out the window (hopefully for good). She threw Sasha around the ring like a rag doll, bashing her against the steel steps multiple times, and cursing her out on live TV! This has been the shift in character the WWE Universe has been waiting for!

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Last year at this time, Bayley couldn’t bring herself to whack #AlexaBliss with a kendo stick because reasons. Now she’s turned into a total badass who is not going to stand for Sasha’s antics. This feud seems to have finally taken lift-off after a dreadful first half of 2018.

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Now Bayley has to go through some stupid counseling next week on Raw, and hopefully it’s nothing like the ‘This is your life’ segment we all scratched our eyes out during last year. What WWE creative needs to do is let Sasha and #Bayley work against each other one-on-one.

Nobody wants the Riott Squad in this feud at all. No more forcing Bayley and Banks to team up against Ruby Riott and her cronies, it’s been way over done.

This feud, in my opinion, has the same potential that #ShinsukeNakamura and #AJStyles’ feud had. Where the wrestling probably won’t be as good, the storytelling capabilities of both women are some of the best in the company. The two have history they can build off of to create one of the better feuds of this year.

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I believe this feud will be great! I’m sure, like most feuds, it will have its hiccups along the way. But these two are the female versions of Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. Regardless of Bayley’s explosion on Raw, I’m sure that Sasha will take on the heel role in this story.

Honestly though, I wouldn’t mind seeing a ruthlessly heel Bayley. It should be some fun watching, and hopefully, the turn around that the Raw women’s division so desperately needs!


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By: Patrick Gallagher

Twitter: @RealPatrickG

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Why The Bayley and Sasha Banks Feud Could Be Something Special.
Article Name
Why The Bayley and Sasha Banks Feud Could Be Something Special.
Why The Bayley and Sasha Banks Feud Could Be Something Special.

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